Macron says fighting ‘Islamist terror’ top foreign priority


PARIS: President Emmanuel Macron named fighting “Islamist terrorism” as his top foreign policy priority on Tuesday, vowing to make France a leading power in an unstable, increasingly polarized world. “Providing security for our citizens means that the fight against Islamist terrorism is our first priority,” he told some 200 French diplomats gathered in Paris. “There’s no place for naivety, nor for fear of Islam that confuses Islamism and Islamic,” the 39-year-old centrist added. France has suffered a series of terror attacks since 2015 that have claimed more than 230 lives, making it the country worst affected in Western Europe. Its armed forces are in action as part of the US-led international coalition fighting the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq, while French soldiers are also fighting jihadists in West Africa.


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