Magna Carta of the Poor at last, such hypocrisy!


A church worker said some bishops had mentioned the outrageous MRT and LRT fare hikes during a conversation with Pope Francis last week.

Some big shots at the Palace might consider the subject of fare hikes issue too petty for the Pope to listen to.

Unfortunately for President Noynoy’s team of knuckleheads, unjustly and untimely raising the rates for the train rides is a major screw up that hit home among the working class, students and the urban poor in general.

That move showed dramatically how Noynoy has abused his discretionary powers and just how much he despises the poor.

Noynoy’s veiled scorn towards the toiling masses is the glaring truth that became inevitably discernible between the lines of Pope Francis’ messages.

The Pope’s call for rejection of corruption, his exhortation for integrity among public servants, and his plea for compassion for the poor are all a slap on the face of this administration.

Sampal sa mukha.

To save face, Noynoy’s administration is now flaunting the resurrection of the Magna Carta of the Poor, which he vetoed in March 2013 “for lack of funds.”

I repeat, “for lack of funds!”

That was before the Supreme Court declared unconstitutional the pork barrel or the priority development assistance funds (PDAF) and the covert Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

But “for lack of funds,” Noynoy trampled on the Magna Carta of the Poor.

Several lawmakers then slammed Noynoy for arrogantly killing the proposed measure.

Zambales Rep. Mitos Magsaysay said Aquino’s move to veto the Magna Carta for the Poor “just goes to show that he has no love and concern for our less fortunate brothers.”

“His elitist background is showing,” Magsaysay, an author of the House version, said then.

Gabriela party-list Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan said Aquino’s decision was “tragic.”

“Perhaps the President who comes from an elite family cannot relate to the concerns of the impoverished in our country. Do we not say that those who have less in life should have more in law? But with the President’s veto, even the law cannot be a source of relief to the poor,” Ilagan added.

Sen. Francis Pangilinan, who sponsored the Senate version of the bill, said the Magna Carta for the Poor seeks to ensure the protection of five basic rights of every Filipino, namely, the right to food, employment, quality education, shelter and basic health services and medicines.

Noynoy said he found several provisions of the proposed law “unrealistic,” specifically cited the provision on right to shelter, which would cause the government to go bankrupt.

A resurrected Magna Carta for the Poor will now be among the “priority measures” of Congress, according to Noynoy’s cronies at the Senate and the House of Representatives.

If the Pope did not come for a visit, primarily to spend a few hours with the surviving victims of super typhoon Yolanda and earthquakes in the Visayas, the measure would remain dead “for lack of funds.”

Didn’t the Noynoy and the rubber stamp-Congress appropriate P2.6 trillion, the biggest national budget we ever had, plus a bonus P24 billion Supplemental Budget for last year.

You see, if it’s for preparation and early campaigning for elections, there is no problem with sourcing of funds.

Such hypocrisy!

At last, a Magna Carta for the Poor which aims to “uplift the standard of living and quality of life of the poor” now will surely become a law, thanks to the Holy Father’s repeated plea to Malacañang,
Such hypocrisy!

In Noynoy’s very own words, saan siya at mga alipores niya kumukuha ng kapal ng mukha sa panililinlang at pandarambong?


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  1. The government can save a lot of money if it will raise the minimum wage to the standards of Hong Kong or Singapore. Anyway, many of our businessmen made it to Fortune’s top billionaires. The local businessmen are causing abject poverty to the working class. That is the reason why the urban poor population has ballooned.

  2. diyan nakikita ang KAIPOKRITUHAN NG KASALUKUYANG GOBYERNO! kaplastikan lang ang “tuwid na daan” hindi ganap tulad din nang ipinangangalandakan ng kanyang pamangkin. noong panahon ng kampanya. TRABAHO SA BAWAT PAMILYANG PILIPINO.hOY BAM AQUINO. NASAAN NA ANG MGA TRABAHO??? hindi maka-mahirap. malaking kasalanan ang pangloloko.. sa diyos at sambayanang pilipino.

  3. I tell you these people at the top dont actually understand just how poor people are. They think every person has access to perks of the job which will pay their commuting fare to work. Most commuters to manila after taking out their travel expenses are left with very little for themselves. I would like the government to try living on what they live on each month, to commute to work like they commute each & every day. Dont let them tell you they also commute, i mean real commute by travelling without bodyguards & having to wait your turn in the queue to get on a bus or the rail system. Let them do all that for a single month then understand that these people dont do it for a single month its their whiole life. Then they might start to understand. Like drillon when he got stuck in that traffic for 12 hours, it was his first time of being stuck in it, others have it all the time but it bothered him & his cronies not. Only when they are affected does it bother them.So we need to make them get affected so they will understand.

  4. Mapagkunwari siya talaga (double kara) – Hypocrisy.

    Hindi ba kunwari hinalikan niya ang “Ring” ni Pope.
    Hindi naman at 3″ away ang nguso niya sa singsing.

    Pakitang tao lang – Hypocrite.

    Pictures do not lie / will not lie.

    Kitang kita ang evidencia.