Maguindanao fisherman survives dynamite blast but loses arm


COTABATO CITY: A Maguindanaon fisherman learned a lesson on illegal fishing the hard way Thursday, police said Friday.

He survived powerful dynamite blast while fishing but lost his arm when the explosive prematurely exploded.

Inspector Ismael Madin, Sultan Mastura police chief, identified the victim, Morka Maruhom, 23, fisherman and resident of Poblacion, Sultan Mastura, Maguindanao. He is now recuperating at a hospital here.

The Sultan Mastura police said Maruhom was fishing along Simuay river using a home-made dynamite when it went off prematurely as he was preparing to set it off.

Aside from losing his left arm, Marohom also sustained blast injuries in his face and chest.

Dynamite fishing is illegal but more fisher folks continue to use them as means of livelihood.

Freak accident while fishing had been happening in Maguindanao’s coast line the past days.

On Saturday, Alim Lumping, a fisherman from Parang, Maguindanao was in critical condition after he was struck on his chest by a fish with a sharp jagged snout.

He was fishing off Bongo Island off Parang town when the needlefish hit him. PNA


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