Maguindanao official condemns beheading


MAGUINDANAO: The provincial governor of this province on Thursday condemned the beheading of Rodolfo Boligao, a village chieftain in Dapitan City, urging all Muslim leaders in Mindanao to unite and combat extremism.

“I condemn the act of beheading person in (the) strongest term,” Gov. Esmael Mangudadatu told The Manila Times reacting on the recent beheading of Boligao by the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG).

He said the beheading of a person, whatever his religion, is “totally not permissible in Islam or haram and that other Muslims leaders in this country should unite and combat it in full force and teach them back the old moderate view of Islam.”

Boligao was among those captives being withheld by the ASG, a group operating in Zam-boanga, Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi (Zambasulta region).

Before he was found beheaded on a highway in a remote barangay in Jolo, Sulu on Tuesday, Boligao was seen in a video on social media on June 24 along with Coast Guard servicemen, Seaman 2nd Class Gringo Villaruz and Seaman 1st Class Rodlyn Pagaling both were begging for help as their abductors were threatening to behead them if ransom were not realized.

The kidnapped victims Villaruz, Pagaling and Boligao were abducted last May 4 after more than a dozen gunmen swooped down on Aliguay Island near Dakak Resort in Dapitan City.

The police identified the abductors as members of the ASG being headed by Alhabsi Misaya.

“I am urging other Muslim leaders in Mindanao to unite and fight this radical ideology by all possible means and disperse them,” Mangudadatu said.


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