Maine returns refreshed from Maldives vacay


Maine Mendoza is still hopeful social media will return to what she believes should be a place for people to have fun and get along

It has been a week since Maine Mendoza returned from her holiday on the island of Maldives where the rich and famous like to frolic, and the actress is happy to say she feels refreshed and ready to face showbiz once again.

For someone whose fame happened almost overnight, Mendoza has never hidden the fact that she finds it difficult to deal with the controversies that come with her celebrity status.

As such, she left in a bit of rush for her Maldives sojourn, eager to escape from the growing buzz regarding her decision to deactivate her Twitter account earlier this month.

Catching up with the actress in an interview for her latest TVC for CDO Funtastyk Young Pork Tocino, she chose not to comment on the Cadayona issue [even as tattle tales were mistaken to spread rumors the comedian would follow her to Maldives], but readily explained why she decided to shut down her widely followed social media account.

She denied she did so not because of her bashers, but mainly because she wanted to end fighting among her followers. She related how she felt sad over fans starting arguments themselves online until a non-issue gets blown out of proportion.

Mendoza remembers how social media was such a friendly place not too long ago, and that which catapulted her accidental love team with Alden Richards—best known as “AlDub”—to its phenomenal status on “Eat Bulaga’s” Kalyeserye segment.

Regretting how things have changed since, she is still hopeful social media will return to what she believes should be a place for people to have fun and get along.

All the same, the prime-time star of GMA Network’s ‘Destined to be Yours’ still cannot believe to this day how from a virtual unknown, she became one of the country’s biggest stars.

“Sobrang bilis talaga ng mga nangyari sa amin ni Alden (Richards),” she said again.

Indeed, it has has only been two years since she joined show business, and apparently TV’s Yaya Dub still needs to get used to all the fame. “Parang hindi ko pa rin ma-fathom kung ano ba ang meron. Bakit ako?”

She said she still has no idea what it is about her that the public loves and trusts.

“Honestly, hindi ko po alam. Parang isang question sa akin yun na hindi ko po masasagot.”

And no matter how rabid some of her followers may be, she is simply grateful to all of them who number way beyond the thousands for making her who she is today.

Mendoza especially realizes the overwhelming support of her fans whenever she endorses a product.

“Kapag nakikita na may bago akong endorsements, talagang sinusuportahan nila,” she acknowledged to the good fortune of her principals.

She is also grateful to companies who continue to recognize her draw and positive influence on the public.

“Nakakatuwa po kasi patuloy pa rin silang nagtitiwala sa akin. Gaya itong CDO, first year ko pa lang sa showbiz, nakuha na nila ko. Hanggang ngayon. Parang isa siya sa mga unang endorsements ko at nagtiwala sa akin.”

She then went on to talk about her latest campaign for the meat brand where everyone teases her about having found her “forever” on social media sites.

“Very unique ng concept. Parang ilo-launch nila na very mysterious sa tao. Kung ano nga ba ‘to, anong klaseng beauty product na bandang huli, malalaman nila na tocino pala, pagkain. I think, it’s very fresh for the consumers and for the viewers to see this kind of campaign.”

Hoping she can return the confidence of her principals in every project she takes on, and more importantly continue to please and entertain her fans, Mendoza promises to give her hundred percent all the time in everything she does.

Moreover, she keeps it mind that showbiz is not forever, which is also the very reason why she makes it a point to take off from all its stress and controversies like she did in Maldives. Her getaways help her stay both grounded and healthy.

“Kasi po, hindi ko naman pinangarap na mapunta sa ganitong posisyon. Kasi, akala po siguro ng iba, madali siya, very relaxed. Akala po siguro nila, puro glitz and glamour, walang paghihirap sa ganitong buhay. Siyempre, meron din po siyang downside ng pagiging artista,” she honestly expressed.

In ending, she mused, “Siguro ito yung isang bagay na hindi ka dapat malunod. Kasi, pana-panahon lang din naman po ‘yan. Ang sa akin na lang, habang nasa ‘yo, enjoy mo.”

And so, as everyone welcomed her back to work, Maine Mendoza assured everyone that she is ready to face another round of whatever Showbiz may bring her way.



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