• Maja Salvador ‘finds her voice’ with Thai popstar



    Never before has multi-hyphenate Maja Salvador proven her talent for singing until now.

    The Philippines’ Dance Princess and primetime TV’s “Wildflower” said as much herself at the home court launch of her landmark collaboration with Thailand’s most adored pop singer and pianist Tor+Saksit—a beautifully moving ballad titled, “Falling Into You.”

    Written and composed by Tor—a piano prodigy and music whiz—the single’s simple but heartfelt lyrics, sung in an emotional duet over a single piano that later soars with violins and percussion, required none of the breathy and sexy vocals that characterized most of Maja’s songs in the past. Yes, “Dahan-Dahan” and “Buong Gabi” among others were hits from her Platinum debut and sophomore albums “Believe” and “Maja in Love,” but they always called for the sultry Maja, whose twerk is sensational, and whose movie and TV roles are hot and seductive.

    “I found my voice in recording ‘Falling Into You’ with Tor; this song made me accept my own voice,” a fulfilled singer humbly revealed in front of her bosses at Ivory Records and their Thai counterparts from BEC-Tero Music.

    Indeed, Maja’s voice was full, sonorous and genuine in this single, as she sang second voice to Tor’s melody, with both harmonies rising above sweeping piano scales in an clean but emotionally-charged ballad. The kind of sincere love song that that hasn’t been heard from recording studios in a very long time.

    Impressed with his co-singer’s performance, Tor likened Maja’s self-discovery in music to how he perceived her initially.

    Philippine ‘Dance Princess’ and primetime actress has released a winning ballad with Thai singer and piano prodigy Tor Saksit

    “BEC-Tero handpicked Maja for this single, and when they told me who she was I stalked her on Instagram! This famous and beautiful actress who was posting mostly about her indestructible [dual character on her]drama [series, Wildflower]. I mean, she was always mad!” he laughed.

    “But when we finally had a video call, she turned out to be this very nice, very friendly, very sweet girl who likes to laugh and make jokes. She was exactly the same when she came to Bangkok to record and when she sang, it was just perfect.”

    It was in September 2017, at the height of Wildflower’s popularity on primetime TV, that Maja joined Tor to record Falling into You at Thailand’s top state of the art Karma Studios in Bang Saray, Pattaya. Victor Lau, a well-known musical producer and composer from Taiwan who has worked with Meteor Garden’s Vaness Wu, Cyndi Wang, and more, produced the single.

    Now ready for download across major digital music platforms, Ivory Records and BEC-Tero also announced during the Philippine launch that they got word from Sony Music they are distributing Maja and Tor’s collaboration in eight Asian territories, including New Zealand and Australia.

    “I feel like an international artist already,” Maja quipped as she delighted guests and the media alike in comical efforts to speak in straight English for Tor’s benefit.

    Charmed with Maja’s easy-going ways, the rest of the afternoon had the same laid back vibe, with Tor impressively tinkering on the piano any tune Maja sang in his ear.

    “He can play anything you sing to him and compose music on the spot,” Maja said proudly of her new artistic ally. “Maybe he’ll compose another song for me,” she suggested graciously.

    And with melodies, voices and sincerity falling into place, there was no further need to convince the Thai singing superstar to collaborate anew with our singer Maja.


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