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    PLUS: A1 wants to work with Christian Bautista; and former star ticks off production staff

    Proving that it is never too late to earn a degree, dramatic actress and sultry singer Maja Salvador is now enrolled in an AMA Computer College online program. A birthday gift to herself after turning 28 years old on October 5, the former Ang Probinsyano star chose to pursue a course in Business Administration.

    Saying she wants to deepen her knowledge and sharpen her skills for her mini ventures, she told In the Know, “Meron po akong mga investments at may mga business din tayo sa mga restaurants [I have made several investments and gone into the restaurant business too].”

    Besides her admirable return-to-school endeavor, she meanwhile revealed that her birthday wish is to finally have a project with her good friend John Lloyd Cruz. Maja explained that a project between them never prospered because of her off-camera relationship with John Lloyd. While they are often seen in various events together, what they have is not what people think.

    Maja Salvador

    Maja Salvador

    To be clear, there is no malice whatsoever in Maja and John Lloyd’s friendship as she considers the talented actor her spiritual guide as she traverses show business.

    “I call him ‘Itay’ and he calls me ‘Baby Girl’,” Maja related. “But now that I’m 28, I’ve had to stop calling him that way.”

    It turns out that Maja and John Lloyd share the same handler under ABS-CBN’s Star Magic—the reason why they became close—and were reprimanded for using their respective monikers for each other.

    “They said if I want to have a project with him, I should begin calling him ‘Lloydie’ ins­tead,” she laughed, adding she has obeyed her superiors because “who wouldn’t want to work with John Lloyd Cruz?”

    Besides John Lloyd, Maja is often seen with a non-showbiz chinito, whom some have thought to be her boyfriend.

    The pretty celebrity was quick to deny the rumor, however, as she declared, “Single po ako. But yes, I’m dating but not exclusively [with anyone].”

    It’s the ninth visit to the Philippines for Christian Ingebrigtsen, Mark Read and Ben Adams of the ‘90s hit boy band A1, but things seem to get more exciting for the group every time they return.

    Last night, they performed to a jampacked Kia Theater of decade-long loyal Filipino fans, and tomorrow, they will do the same at Cebu’s IEC Pavilion.

    One of the most popular boybands of the ‘90s returns to Manila

    One of the most popular boybands of the ‘90s returns to Manila

    Moreover, at every Philippine stop, the A1 members seem to develop stronger bonds with Filipinos. Ben’s best friend, for example, is a Filipina who was present during In The Know’s interview with the group. Mark’s Filipino friends back in the UK also have pasalubong requests from him, and as he added, “They ask me to say hello to their families and tell them to watch our concerts.”

    Outside personal relationships, A1 revealed they also became fans of Christian Bautista after they heard his UK Top 50 single “Who Is She To Me” in December of 2015. If they have time, they hope to get in touch with the singer for a possible collaboration.

    GUESS WHO? This former star with a barely-there career [read: none at all] ticked off the production staff of a hit show when she was invited to surprise the main celebrity guest of an episode last week.

    Former Star and Main Celebrity Guest have been friends since the beginning of their careers. Former Star initially agreed to be a walk-in guest but then, the night before taping day, her management texted the production staff to advise them that Former Star was sick and was advised by the doctor to stay home and rest for three days. The production staff understood, but what irritated them was that very night, they saw Former Star posting photos while partying at a media event! To their dismay, production staff vows never to ask Former Star to guest again. Ever.


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