The majority will rise if Aquino asks for it


The issues are now joined. To the public demand that President B. S. Aquino 3rd now step down because of his crimes against the Filipino people, Malacañang spokesman Sonny Coloma has replied that those calling for it are too small in number to move the President. He obviously wants to see an enormous lynch mob.

“Majority of our people” would like Aquino to continue, said Coloma, and Aquino himself is determined to “continue his service and implement the reforms he promised our people.” Coloma was careful enough not to add that Aquino even wants the Constitution amended so he could be “machine-elected” again for a yet non-existent second term.

What “majority”? What service? What reforms? These are precisely the bones of contention. In the old fable, they are the naked Emperor’s “garments of gold,” visible only to monarch and his court. But as far as the smallest child is concerned, the Emperor is totally naked.

Contrary to the official hype, there is a growing belief that Aquino did not really win the 2010 elections but was merely processed into office (“hocus-PCOSed,” as some would say) by the Smartmatic precinct count optical scan machines, after the Commission on Elections illegally divested them of their safety features and accuracy mechanisms.

He has shown no visible qualifications for nor any creditable performance in the office, apart from sending former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and three opposition senators to jail on cases that could yet unravel during trial, while refusing to prosecute a hundred or so lawmaker-allies and Cabinet members who may have committed worse cases of plunder.

He is believed to have devoted the greater part of his physical and mental energy to the play station and the shooting range rather than to anything remotely associated with his presidential duties.

And, as the Lipa Declaration puts it, he has corrupted the Congress, intimidated the Judiciary, taken over the Treasury, manipulated the automated voting system, perverted the constitutional impeachment process, and interfered in the private lives of individuals and married couples, notably in the exercise of their religious freedom and their inviolable procreative rights and duties.

No great crowds have come out in support of the call for his early exit not because such support is lacking but only because there has been no effort to raise such crowds for that purpose. In the Lipa and Cebu assemblies convened by the National Transformation Council, the crowd was controlled to represent a cross-section of the population, but not to fill the streets with a mob to demand Aquino’s head. But it will come if he asks for it.

What matters at this point are the grounds for demanding his exit. Are they based on truth, and on justice? Let us take a slice of a rather long list.

Aquino has become impeachable on all the grounds enumerated in the Constitution, possibly including treason, but he could no longer be impeached and removed because of his criminal hold on Congress.

Using the congressional Priority Development Assistance Fund and his so-called Disbursement Acceleration Program, both of which the Supreme Court has now declared unconstitutional, Aquino bribed members of the 15th Congress to railroad the widely opposed Reproductive Health Law, and to impeach and remove Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona, who represented an obstacle to his plan to control the three co-equal branches of government. No president before Aquino has corrupted Congress in the same measure.

The misuse of the pork barrel system is a serious offense, but the corruption of Congress to destabilize the Constitution is unprecedented.

On the RH Law, which puts the State in control of the private sexual and procreative lives of married couples and individuals, Aquino had assured US President Barack Obama of the passage of the law after receiving a grant of $454 million from the Millennium Challenge Fund. Several petitioners challenged the law before the Supreme Court, but at his behest, the Court declared the law “not unconstitutional,” despite its patent violation of the Constitution.

As one of the petitioners and lead presenter during the Oral Arguments before the Supreme Court en banc, I raised the objection that since the constitutional duty of the State is “to equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception,” it is ipso facto the protector of conception and cannot therefore be the source of even a single case of contraception. The protector of conception cannot at the same time be the preventer thereof, I pointed out. It was logic at its simplest.

The Court pretended as though it never heard the argument. It refused to refute or even acknowledge the objection, and ruled on the law as though my objection did not exist. I raised the same objection again in my Motion for Reconsideration, but got the same result, no acknowledgement, no refutation, as though the objection was never made.

The Court agreed with me that the law is a population control measure, but it saw nothing wrong in it, even though the commission that wrote the Constitution had rejected the proposal to put it in, and consequently the Constitution does not authorize population control.

It has since come to my attention that the Court receives substantial funding from the US AID, which has a huge vested interest in promoting RH around the world. RH, according to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, includes the right to abortion, and is a high foreign policy priority of the Obama administration.

On Corona’s removal, the Chief Justice was impeached on the basis of eight Articles of Impeachment signed by 188 congressmen who never read the document. He was tried by the Senate impeachment court, which did not have the courage to decide that the charges had not been properly verified. During the trial a bumbling panel of prosecutors withdrew five of the eight charges for lack of evidence, leaving but three charges that did not include graft and corruption.

In the end, they focused on one charge only, Corona’s failure to declare his dollar deposits in his Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth. This was not an impeachable offense: under the law, anyone who fails to make an accurate declaration in his SALN is allowed to correct his omission or error, without incurring any penal sanctions. But 19 of the 23 senator-judges were paid P50 million each or more from the unconstitutional DAP after convicting the respondent. Only one senator-judge, a close Aquino ally, who voted for conviction, did not receive any DAP incentive. Thus the senator-judges ended with more grime on their faces than the one they had convicted at their shameful trial.

Now, the Supreme Court did not only declare the PDAF and the DAP unconstitutional. It also ordered the immediate prosecution of all the lawmakers, the Secretary of the Budget and other members of the Cabinet and the Commission on Audit who were involved in the misuse of the pork barrel system. To this day, not a single official under Aquino’s wing has been charged with corruption, theft or plunder.

Aquino has not just corrupted the system. Rather, as one NTC founding member puts it, Aquino’s corruption has become the system. Thus the Lipa Declaration says, “unbridled and unpunished corruption and widespread misuse of political and economic power in all layers of society have not only destroyed our common conception of right and wrong, good and bad, just and unjust, legal and illegal, but also put our people, especially the poor, at the mercy of those who have the power to dictate the course and conduct of our development for their selfish ends.”

Aquino has tried to make the nation spiritually numb and morally blind.

It is foolish to say there are not enough numbers demanding Aquino’s exit. This is not the question for now. The question for now is: Can Malacanang and its propagandists say the findings contained in the Lipa and Cebu declarations are mere figments of the imagination? How can they? The crimes are grave, some unimaginable and unprecedented, and the victims are no other than the Filipino people.

Can we not, or should we not, put the matter to a vote? Ideally, we should, but how can we? The voting process has been thoroughly corrupted, and there has been no effort to reform it. This is why Aquino has the courage to believe he could extend his incompetent and corrupt rule for another six years, without any effort. Being in control of Congress, the Comelec and the conscript press, he could get Congress to railroad a constitutional amendment that would lift his term limit, and he could get the Comelec and the PCOS machines to declare that the people have ratified the amendment, even if they did not, and give him a “landslide” win in the bogus elections, even if he did not get any votes. And the conscript media will be there, waiting eagerly to celebrate his great achievement.

Precisely for this reason, the NTC assemblies want him out. The majority is not yet there, but it will rise if and when the political corpse refuses to be buried.


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  1. Step down PINOY? At sinong ipapalit nyo si BINAY? Manahimik nga kau mas magging malala ang bansa at magpapayaman lalo ang mga yan! antayin nyo ng matapos ang term hindi ung puro gulo iniisip nyo! Kahit sa ibang bansa gusto magaklas? Pwede ba hindi ka naman uuwi dito icconvince mo ang mga friends mo???? Hay naku ang tao nga naman!

    • Comment like “Step down Pnoy? At sinong ipapalit nyo Binay? If a wrong president continues to be wrong and some segments of the people absolved him of his wrong (crime) for reason that the one to replace him is another wrong or even worse is misjudgment on the citizenry. This is an expression of miserability and hopelessness. However, there are those who cannot be moved because of personal interest they are enjoying. Kawawa ang Pinoy ngunit ang Pnoy ay masaya.

  2. Don’t even think of testing the people’s will on changing the constitution!! You speed up the law on anti-dynasty instead.

  3. gabriela silang on

    kelan ba tatahimik ang ating bayan?
    kelan ba tayo matototo?
    kelan ba tayo titino?
    lagi nalang bang ganito?

  4. ano naman ang kasalanan ni Pnoy? aber asan ang ebedensiya ninyo. palihabsa kayo below average bobotante. naniniwala sa sabisabi. hahahah mga u—-lol at nagbubulag-bulagan.


  5. I heard that the PCOS machine results were fixed, the survey results conditioned the mind of the Filipino people so the PCOS results will not be questioned , electing Poe as the no.1 senator will not get any objection from the public ,then comes most of Pnoy lap dogs, but the VP position was taken by the brain of that PCOS manipulation not by the LP’s bet.
    Now it an entirely different set up, the VP will not get the position he wants since the president lap dogs wants that position, just like the mother of the president, the agreement was , after the revolution that politician from Batangas will be the president and she will step down , what happened was , she was tempted by the power she could get in becoming the president, then the rest is disaster.

  6. phl now on the crossroads. either our country goes into a healing mode, or the ruthless burgis and fascist military dictatorship persist. there’s only one way to know: ask the author of the original 1986 philippine people power philosophical manifesto for the definitive analysis–and solution. trouble is, you, putative opposition leaders, pretend only you know everything under the sun. pero kung wala yung guy na yun, me people power kaya? so go ask around how you can get in touch with him–pronto.

  7. kit, you are so biased…you have your time and you messed it up conniving with a dictator, lying and manipulating facts. Nobody will listen nor read your episodes coz you are brazen sided to the darkness whose interest only to enrich yourself, corrupt, killers, thieves, and hypocrite.. Shut up and please renew for the sake of our troubled nation.

  8. taktak ka tatad on

    ganyan ka lang tatad.. anung pinangako sayo ni binay?? halata na mga alliances nyo.. hindi mananalo manok nyo next election oi

  9. There are 2 parts to the NTC proposals. 1) to demand the resignation of the sitting president , 2) the creation of an alternative government led by competent people to be handpicked by the NTC membership.

    There should be no problem if Aquino resigns voluntarily and peacefully. Under the Constitution, if that happens, the legal successor to the presidency should be the Vice President. But the NTC has a different idea. They do not want the VP to succeed the resigned Aquino, for whatever reasons, they did not say. What the NTC want is an “alternative government ” to run the country to be composed of men and women chosen by the NTC leadership, under what authority , they did not say. In effect , the NTC proposes the establishment of a revolutionary government much like that of the Cory revolutionary government that lasted for 6 years without the president being elected by the people. How the NTC will implement the establishment of a revolutionary and extra constitutional government they did not say. It is obvious the the NTC leadership will be dreaming if they think this illegal and unconstitutional power grab will be supported by the people.

  10. Aquino is the only president of the republic that amazed trillions (2.6 trillion) pesos budget and yet Filipinos can’t feel any improvement in the basic services like public transport like lrt,mrt, airport, basic commodity prices and, electric power and medical services. No visible and tangible infrastructure that they build. All were pocketed by his allies in senate and Congress and his cabinets. Shame on you aquino!!!!!

  11. Sonny Dela Cruz on

    Where is my comment. The Military shgoiuld act now before the treasury will be empty at the end of his term as president with all the money of the Philippines is gone.

  12. Yes, I am with you on this. Leaving Aquino finish his term is ok by me. Letting him change the constirution to continue on with another term, will be met by demonstrations in the millions.


    Indeed, corruption is everywhere in this country with a government clearly allowing it to happen. As a Bicolano, I would like to bring into your attention this cycle of corruption in a remote town of San Pascual, an island-municipality in Burias Island, Province of Masbate. The decade-long corruption remained unnoticed until a former Municipal Accountant came out in the open and spilled the beans. The municipal mayor of the said municipality is now facing a complaint filed by her former accountant at the Office of the Ombudsman, but remains unresolved after more than a year of filing it. The complainant now fears for his life as he is keeping with him voluminous documents that would substantiate charges of corruption against the mayor, and possibly linking a former congressman who also utilized PDAF for election campaign. May the kind Senator Tatad look into this and help the complainant avail of the Witness Protection Program.

  14. egis totheend on

    With the kind and character of people behind their so called NTC, many of whom are either those that played a major role that caused the agony, grief, suffering, misery, of our people during MARTIAL LAW or were responsible for the PIRMA which was declared the GRAND DESIGN intended to deceived the people in the late 1990s or friends of the SUVs beneficiaries during GMA’s administration and those who never have lifted a finger to make GMA remorse for the sins she committed against the people, like the “hello garci’ scandal, the Maguindanao Massacre, the botched NBN ZTE deal and many other grave crimes.

    How can they now claim moral ascendancy themselves and hungrily barks injustice and cry for P-Noy to step down? They are using the Good Cardinal Vidal to front for them on this shameless egoistical movement of theirs!!!

    • The Sisi syndrome is so contagious…here’s another Boy Sisi emulating BS Aquino putting the blame on GMA for every unfortunate event that befell the country.

  15. Asking the Ateneo C-student to leave the Presidency is just being too kind. Feed him to
    ISIS so they can behead the brainless one.j

  16. Mr. Tatad, I remember that pipsqueak Congressman Villanueva call PGMA a Peki president every time he opened his mouth. Why is he so quiet now that he is working under a true Peki President? not to mention a corrupt and abnormal one. He is also a recipient of the DAP. Just like his boss now KAWATAN an a LIAR.

  17. P. on

    The National Transformation Council will be doing a big “disservice” to the Filipino people if it will not continue its ‘crusade’. The manifestations regarding the sins of Pres. B.S. Aquino are glaring and very serious enough to warrant the council’s goal, despite the counter-allegations of the biggest “clown” of the administration, pathetic Sec.Coloma.

    I wish there is an established worldwide website of the NTC whererein people, especially overseas Filipinos, can reach in and be reached out for their support and be able to voice their sentiments. It may not be the ultimate solution to the ills plaguing the country, but it will be a good reminder for those who aspire to higher positions in the government to be on their toes always, lest they will follow the fate of Aquino. If not NOW, WHEN?

    Right on, NTC!

  18. bede ecuacion on

    Mr. I fully agree with you. Why wont we organize, and you lead, the people
    power movement to oust Aquino.? I live in Maryland but work in Washinton DC.
    I will invite my friends to start thinkering the possibility of removing Aquino.

  19. Yes, what reforms, what service(s)? Can Coloma give some details please? All motherhood statements. BSA means bull shit artist!!!!

  20. rene catalasan on

    Tatad you are a great journalist and columnist but very conscientious during the Marcos regime as the latter’s spokesman big mouth.

    • The popular memory of Ferdinand Marcos today, in the US and in the Philippines, is largely shpaed by the massive disinformation campaign created in the early 1980 by the circles around then US Secretary of State George Shultz and his deputy Paul Wolfowitz, Marcos was accused of corruption, human rights violations, plunder, and even the murder of the political opponent Benigno Aquino, Jr. — and this caricature is repeated ad nauseam still today. While Marcos was NOT WITHOUT FAULTS, he was nothing the last Filipino head of state to have understood the challenge of true leadership in a world slipping toward chaos. His overthrow by the Shultz cabals had nothing to do with charges issued publicly, but were intended to stop his national development policies, and his international collaboration with LaRouche and others in countering the genocide policies of the IMF, and bringing into being a new world economic system based on development and justice.

  21. NTC will be instrumental in getting Binay ascend the presidency earlier, just as Gloria did after Erap. The claim that NTC will take over the government, not Binay, simply does not hold water. What is NTC legal basis for that? If in case that happens, it will face tremendous change just as Cory did, not for anything, but because of its abruptness.

  22. I would like to make my own comments in these issues that the Lipa & Cebu Assemblies convene by the National Transformation Council to counter the trend of the Aquino’s own Leadership fight against Corruptions & Justifications in our country today. Also, I can’not imagine how these Groups can questions the Integrities & sense of freedom in doing their Legislative works in Congress including those in the Upper Chamber with a commentator such as a past Government Senator-Legislator of a past Regime? All of their actions are in the minorities at present & what they can do is only to present their side of the coins these grudges & complains for our people to decide on their own free will as we are in a Democratic country…Drmjc

  23. Ah, but that’s very true. The majority will rise if and when the political corpse refuses to be buried. Even now, loud and angry voices are being heard and they are asking where and how they can sign in for the NTC. You will be surprized many of them are writing in from foreign lands. They said they are instructing their families to join in any or all protests against Aquino. They even instructed their families to go to Luneta to sign in the Initiative a month ago. Even now, a great number of locals are raring to stand up and be counted.

    The cheating of the Abnoy in the 2010 is no laughing matter. He is not our legitimately elected president. He is therefore a mere squatter in Malacanang. If he cannot understand that, then surely the people can. He is still delusional that he is being supported by the people. But the people can only take so much. They are now up in arms against him and simply counting the days when he will be out in Malacanang. Let us not stop badgering him until he does.

    He is scared about exposes on his mental illness and about his cheating. More and more people are now becoming aware of this and they are seething with anger. His incompetence and arrogance must not be allowed to pass. We must take umbrage at this and demand his stepping down.

  24. Tumahimik ka na Tatad. Noong nasa Malacanang ka at nasa position para tulungan ang taong bayan ay wala ka namang ginawa. Nag-pauto ka lang naman kay Marcos. Anong pwede mong ipagmalaki na ginawa mo sa Pilipinas. Gutom ka lang sa puwesto sa gobiyerno kaya ka ganyan.