Makabayan bloc in House slams US plan for surgical airstrikes in Marawi


THE Makabayan bloc of lawmakers at the House of Representatives has condemned the supposed plan by the US to conduct surgical airstrikes on Philippine soil, calling on President Rodrigo Duterte to publicly denounce any plan by Washington that would trample the country’s sovereignty.

In a press conference on Thursday, Rep. Antonio Tinio, ACT Teachers Partylist, said the planned US airstrike would only bring more destruction to Marawi City and other parts of the country.

“The plan of US is clearly interventionist and is patently illegal and unconstitutional. It is a shameless pretext of the US so it can still blantantly claim dominance in the Philippines and in the Asian region as the self-proclaimed global police and superpower,” Tinio said.

Tinio also said that the Mutal Defense Treaty, the Visiting Forces Agreement and Enhance Defense Cooperation Agreement could not be used to justify a US military airstrike against Filipinos.

“The Supreme Court ruling does not countenance US direct combat operations on its ruling on the VFA and even other treaties,” he said.

Traitors to motherland

For his part, Rep. Carlos Isagani Zarate of Bayan Muna Partylist said that any self-respecting Filipino should condemn US intervention in the country, saying that anyone who would support such an action should be considered as “traitors to the motherland.”

“Dapat i-Artikulo Uno yan. No government official or Filipino should support hegemonic acts by the US here or any part of the world,” Zarate said, referring to a line from the Philippine movie “Heneral Luna”.

The Pentagon is supposedly considering a plan that will allow US military to conduct airstrikes against IS-inspired terrorist groups in the Philippines, two defense officials were quoted by NBC News. Armed drones would likely conduct the airstrikes.

The authority to hit IS targets is supposedly part of the “collective self-defense” concept that could be granted as part of an official military operation that may be launched, the officials said.

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