• Makati beefs up sidewalk clearing operations


    THE Makati City government is beefing up sidewalk clearing operations throughout the city as Mayor Abigail Binay stressed that her administration remains firm in promoting order and discipline on the city streets, mainly through the strict enforcement of local and national laws on environmental protection and road safety. “We will continue to clear out all obstructions on our streets and sidewalks, and that includes illegal vendors and their wares. We will apprehend violators of our environmental and traffic laws until they learn to obey the law,” Binay said. She gave a stern warning to barangay chiefs and officials that their failure to maintain sidewalks and streets already cleared and restored will make them liable for gross negligence or dereliction of duty. The Solid Waste Management Division cleared a total of 464 streets and sidewalks in 2017, with 294 in District 1 and 170 in District 2. They apprehended 694 individuals and two establishments for violating the “Maintenance of Sidewalk” provision under City Ordinance No. 2003-095, the Makati Solid Waste Management Code. There were 528 individuals and two establishments caught in District 1 and 166 individual violators caught in District 2.


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