• Makati City to launch dog micro-chipping


    Makati City is gearing up for a citywide micro-chipping program for about 32,000 dogs as part of its animal identification program, which will make the city the first local government unit (LGU) in the country to implement the use of PET iCHIP technology in a large-scale setting. A dog lover herself, Mayor Abby Binay instructed City Veterinary Services Office (VSO) officer-in-charge Jing Mangahas to implement the program in all 27 barangay (villages) and six private subdivisions. The microchips are free of charge and will be implanted by licensed veterinarians from the VSO. The bio-thermal microchips, as big as a grain of rice, will contain information about the dog and its owner as well as data on the dog’s anti-rabies vaccine. These details will be uploaded to the city’s database, which will allow the VSO to closely monitor and check the number of dogs given anti-rabies shots. Mangahas said they already have 7,000 PET iCHIPs to launch the project by middle of October. She added they will be using the passive-type microchip,which works without batteries.


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