• Makati City nets over 7,000 traffic violations in 2 weeks


    The Makati Public Safety Department (PSD) recorded a total of 7,719 traffic violations in the first two weeks of July with intensified operations on major roads and secondary streets in the city to promote road discipline and obedience to traffic rules. “Mobility is a key factor to sustaining progress and development in our city. We are determined to use the full force of the law to effectively address traffic congestion caused by disobedient motorists and illegal vendors blocking roads and sidewalks,” Mayor Abby Binay said. She reiterated her call to Makati residents and the riding public to report abusive and reckless drivers through the city’s official social media accounts and give important details such as the license plate, type of vehicle and location. Concerned citizens may send their complaints through My Makati Facebook page and Twitter accounts, @MakatiTraffic and @Mayora_Abby. Of the violations, Disobedience to Traffic Control Signs and Signals topped the list with 1,325 tickets issued from July 1 up to July 14. Others were Disregarding of Lane Markings – 1,155; Illegal Signboard – 949; Illegal Parking – 759; and Obstructing Roads by Motor Vehicles/ Stalled Vehicles – 627. Fines collected from July to December 2016 were over P29.6 million, while fines collected from January to June this year amount to over P33 million. Under the Makati City Traffic Code, disobedience to traffic control signs and signals carries a fine of P2,500 and/or suspension of driver’s license and, for a public utility vehicle, suspension of Certificate of Public Convenience.


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