Makati City starts taking over Fort Bonifacio


FOLLOWING the favorable ruling by the  Court of Appeals (CA), the Makati City government on Tuesday started taking over Fort Bonifacio, which is also being claimed by Taguig City.

Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay Jr. Binay called the city administrator, assessor and engineers to discuss steps in taking over the Bonifacio Global City and Barangays Southside and Northside.

“We are now in the period of transition and we can exercise jurisdiction in the area,”  Binay told reporters after the meeting.

To discuss the takeover, officials of Makati city have also met with the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA), the government agency tasked to convert military bases to economic centers.

Once Makati has full control over the BGC, Binay said they would also implement programs, projects and policies that are being imposed in the city such as number coding scheme, plastic and smoking ban in the area.

He also said they would prioritize the development in Brgy. Northside and Southside.

However, Binay admitted that Taguig may suffer greatly from revenue losses collected from BGC, resulting in the city being reverted back to municipality status.

But Taguig City insisted that the CA ruling was “erroneous” saying that it will go to the Supreme Court to contest it.

Taguig City administrator Joey Montales said the city’s legal department, upon the instructions of  Mayor Lani Cayetano, is now preparing its appeal in a hope to overturn the ruling of the CA’s 6th Division.

“The disputed land is Taguig’s. The CA decision, with due respect, is erroneous,” Montales said.

“We will fight to make sure that the disputed land remains with Taguig. We are confident we will ultimately win this fight,” he added.

In a July 30 ruling, CA 6th Division Justice Marlene Gonzales-Sison declared the sprawling 729.15 hectare former military reservation, now called Bonifacio Global City, as part of the territorial jurisdiction of Makati, not of Taguig.

The CA overturned the July 2011 ruling of the Pasig City Regional Trial Court that invalidated Presidential Proclamation Nos. 2475 and 518 that originally placed the land under the jurisdiction of Makati City.


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  1. What a shame, i love what taguig and global city have built, as an expat here im always bragging to people back home that this city (global city) is like no other city in the world, its beautiful and it was on a course to only get better. Taguig have focused on making it a lifestyle city, were people jog, and play in the mornings and go for walks through the evenings. the air is clean and WHEN ever i drive to global city i immediately feel relieved as soon as im within their boundaries as i know the people running the city are the good guys.

    Infact the opposite is for makati, where when your in the makati city you will feel stressed from yellow makati police who basicly conduct themselves like a gang, driving around on bikes in big groups pulling over cars for no reason other than to get money. Makati is overdeveloped and has no lifestyle to it, is full of hookers and beggers on makati ave. Traffic is terrible because they have no clue how to make a traffic system, everything is one way in makati and its a nightmare to drive there. On a social level when making arrangements with friends people will always tend to avoid makati.

    Badly hoping makati does not take control of the area, if makati takes control then global city will no longer be an area for families and lifestyle and relaxation knowing your in a safe city with no corrupt police. Love the police there in global city, i once last year made a traffic violation by accident, the taguig cop pulled me over to tell me my violation and said he was just letting me know and to have nice day… WOW…. first time in the philippines!! In makati, i did a u turn in a common uturn slot only to have FOUR!!!! yellow makati police circle my car and try to shout and intimidate me that i have made a violation and im not allowed to uturn there, they wanted my license etc, i said theres no ”no uturn” sign there and its clearly a uturn slot, (as its a nice wide island bit in the middle of the road), the traffic enforcers reply was ”we cant put signs everywhere” ive never laughed so much in my life, is theres no uturn there then guess what, you need to put a no uturn sign there. Anyway they shouted at us for 15 mins as i refused to hand over my license until i get through with the makati police head office which i was phoning, they eventually got scared and drove off. Thats makati for you!