• Makati court clueless on Napoles treatment


    THE Makati court handling the serious illegal detention case of alleged pork barrel fund scam mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles is wondering why it is taking so long for her to undergo surgery.

    Diosfa Valencia, clerk of court of the Makati Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 150, told The Manila Times on Tuesday that they do not know what procedures Napoles will undergo.

    Napoles was transferred to the government-run Ospital ng Makati (OsMak) on March 31 from her detention facility at Fort Santo Domingo in Santa Rosa City, Laguna.

    But more than a week after her confinement, Napoles is yet to be operated on to remove a cyst from her uterus.

    The day after she was transferred to OsMak, Napoles underwent a battery of tests that included X-ray studies, a 2D echo and a CT scan.

    A week after her confinement, the businesswoman underwent an endometrial biopsy.

    Dr. Perry Ishmael Peralta, OsMak medical director, explained that tissue samples were extracted from Napoles’ uterus, particularly in her endometrium to know whether cyst is benign or malignant.

    A staff from the medical director’s office on Tuesday confirmed that Napoles had a biopsy at 6 p.m. of the same day.

    She said Peralta will issue a medical bulletin on Napoles’ health condition once the result of Napoles’ biopsy becomes available.

    Peralta earlier said the result of the biopsy, which will be known after three days, will determine the next treatment for Napoles.

    Valencia said although the court did not require a specific duration for Napoles’ operation, Judge Elmo Alameda wanted her hospital confinement not to be prolonged.

    “The doctors submitted an oath before the court that they will follow only the standard care on Napoles, meaning they will not prolong her confinement and that only the necessary procedures will be performed on her,” she added.

    Napoles had begged the court to allow her to undergo operation because she is in constant pain.

    The businesswoman was diagnosed of having a cyst in her uterus after she complained of abdominal pain and bleeding.


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    1. They will transplant a metal uterus on Napoles kaya natatagalan ! Sigurado ma disable na siya kagaya ni GMA para there is a real illness to flaunt the people. Look at Gloria gulay na…but come 2017 she will spring like a chicken !