• Makati court getting impatient on Napoles surgery


    It’s been two weeks since Janet Lim-Napoles was taken to the government-run Ospital ng Makati (OsMak) but she is yet to undergo surgery.

    Even the Makati Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 150 that is handling the serious illegal detention case filed against Napoles is wondering why Napoles has not undergone an operation to remove a uterine cyst.

    Diosfa Valencia, the clerk of court, on Monday said there has been no word on the date of the surgery.

    “So far, we received only two communications informing the court on the laboratory tests and biopsy conducted on Napoles,” she added.

    Valencia, however, said the court expects the surgery to be done during Holy Week.

    “We hope that Mrs. Napoles will be operated on this Holy Week. We are not really sure what’s causing the delay, perhaps the doctors are still managing her sugar level or [determining]if her condition is stable and ready for the surgery,” she added.

    Eleazar Sabado, a member of the staff of the Office of the Medical Director of OsMak told The Manila Times that Napoles’ private physicians have not disclosed the date of the operation.

    “We haven’t received any word from Napoles’ private physicians and from the head of our gynecology department,” he said.

    Dr. Florentina Villanueva, the head of OsMak’s Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, was appointed as the head of the medical team that coordinates with Napoles’ physicians during her treatment.

    Three days after an endometrial biopsy was conducted on Napoles, neither hospital officials nor her private doctors issued a medical bulletin on the result of that medical procedure.

    Napoles’ medical team is composed of private physicians from St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig City, Metro Manila, where she originally wanted to be confined and operated on.

    Another hospital employee earlier said Dr. Perry Ishmael Peralta, OsMak medical director, had transferred the responsibility of issuing medical bulletins on Napoles’ health condition to her private physicians.

    “Dr. Peralta will no longer issue medical bulletins because that job was already transferred to Napoles’ private doctors. That is actually part of the agreement,” she added.

    Prior to her confinement at OsMak, Napoles was detained at Fort Santo Domingo in Santa Rosa City, Laguna, for serious illegal detention. The complaint was filed by her cousin, Benhur Luy, one of the witnesses in the pork barrel scam.


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    1. apolonio reyes on

      Huwag na tayong magtaka kung walang alam ang Makati court kung kalian ma operahan si Janet Lim Napoles pagka’t hinahantay pa ng OSMAK ang approval ni Erwin, Jojemar at lalo ng OP (OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT) through Executive Secxy Ochoa, di ba Sirs? The longer Janet will stay at OSMAK the better for her and very expensive for taxpayers, di ba Sirs?

    2. It looks like this patient is using her influence to the hilt. Some of us are lucky to have influence like her, but to the public, this is an egregious act, specially the poor who are treated inhumanly when brought to the hospital. Hardly anybody advocates for them. This is certainly an imperfect world we live in, in the eyes of the poor. God have mercy.