Makati employees get loyalty award, cash


MAKATI Mayor Abby Binay will lead the Loyalty Awardees Recognition Ceremony this Thursday for some 4,103 city hall employees who have been in the service for at least 10 years, as part of the celebration of its 347th founding anniversary. “This is our humble way of showing our gratitude and appreciation for our long-serving city government employees. Revenues may be the lifeblood of the city government in sustaining its various programs and social services, but it is the employees who serve as its backbone,” Binay said. The city’s Human Resource Development Office said each awardee will receive certificate of appreciation and cash incentive depending on the number of years in service as of December 31, 2016. Those with at least 40 years of service and above will get P20,000; for 35 to 39 years – P17,500; at least 30 to 34 years – P15,000; 25 to 29 years – P12,500; 20 to 24 years – P10,000; 15 to 19 years, – P7,000 and 10 to 14 years – P5,000.


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