Makati gives free meds to 294,00 patients


The free medicines program of the Makati city government dubbed as Libreng Gamot Para sa Mamamay” has served 294,412 patients in the past eight months, according to a report of the Makati Health Department (MHD) to Mayor Abby Binay. MHD chief Dr. Bernard Sese said the program’s authorized distributor, Planet Drugstore, dispensed the free medicines, vitamins and other pharmaceutical products through its eight outlets which cater to their respective clusters. Sese also reported that the city government spent around P358.7 million for the program, which has benefited active members of the Makati Health Program (Yellow Card) and their qualified dependents. These include Ospital ng Makati patients, city government employees, selected Makati-based national government personnel, and residents from the 33 barangays of the city. The program covers medicines for hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cardio-vascular diseases, dyslipidemia, enlarged prostate, gout, cough and colds, sexually transmitted infections, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, seizure disorder, allergy, ulcer, vertigo, gastro-intestinal problems, and more. It also provides free multivitamins for children, adults and pregnant patients, as well as oral and injectable contraceptives. Under the program, senior citizens aged 70 and above are entitled to receive the full dose of their monthly prescription of maintenance medicines. For August alone, the Makati Action Center has made door-to-door deliveries of medicines worth around P7.8 million to over 4,300 recipients. These include seniors in the said age group and bed-ridden beneficiaries identified by the MHD for the special service.


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