Makati launches first digital app informing residents of services via smart phones


The city government of Makati has launched during its 347th founding anniversary a first-of-its kind digital application to make information about its  services more accessible to residents.

Called the “MAKATIZEN app”, the innovation will alert the user residents to local government services being offered by the city.  It will be initially introduced to Android phones via Play Store.

This fruit of collaboration between Neo-Covergence ICT Solutions, Inc. and Voyager Innovations is touted to trigger the “digital transformation” of the city, as more residents will be able to know the available services of the local government through their phones.

Initially available for Android phones via Play Store, the MAKATIZEN app brings important information and civic services closer to Makati residents in a more engaging, rewarding, and convenient way through the help of their mobile phones, super-charged by Voyager’s innovative digital platforms.

Makati mayor Abigail Binay said during the ceremonies that she sees  her  city as one that “sets the pace of the country” referring to the introduction of the MAKATZEN app., a first of its kind in the country.

“We look forward to serving our constituents better and faster through this new platform that gives them the power to actively participate using their mobile phones,” said added.

Manuel V. Pangilinan, chairman of PLDT, Smart, and Voyager, said that MAKATIZEN app is “a truly remarkable initiative by the Makati City government”, pointing out that Local government units like Makati are fast opening their doors to the digital economy.

Makati and other cities  are now embarking on digital transformation using Voyager’s various platforms in the areas of digitally-powered financial services, payments, commerce, and customer engagement.

These platforms are being adopted by large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, non-government organizations, and individuals.


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