Makati loses P5-M in street lights, posts to thieves


Over P5 million worth of streetlight wires and accessories in various barangays of Makati City have been lost to thieves since July last year.

“We as a community must take action and put a stop to the rampant stealing of wires and accessories of our street lamp posts that repeatedly plunges many of our streets in darkness,” Mayor Abby Binay said on Friday.

She said, “These lawbreakers have not only put to waste millions of pesos worth of taxpayers’ money, but have also seriously endangered residents and other innocent civilians passing through the affected streets.”

The city residents should promptly report such incidents to the police or notify the city government through My Makati Facebook page so that the culprits could be arrested, Binay said.

She also ordered the Makati police and the barangays to step up patrols especially in areas where wire theft is frequently committed.

Those behind the P5.7 million robbery of street lights, lamp posts, and related materials are violating the Anti-Pilferage of Electricity and Theft of Electric Transmission Lines/Materials Act of 1994.


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