Makati Medical Center to help AFP Medical Center


Our family is very happy upon knowing that Makati Medical Center and the Armed Forces of the Philippines signed a Memorandum of Agreement last June 20, 2013. This new partnership with the Makati Medical Center Foundation under Chairman Manny V. Pangilinan is aimed at improving the health care services of the AFP Medical Center, and to share resources, training facilities and learning sessions between the said hospitals.

Soldiers’ families like us whose fathers, husbands and brothers wounded in encounters would now avail of modern equipments to help them recover fully and get back to their duties as soldiers. We thank Mr. Manny Pangilinan for recognizing what our soldiers are doing for the people and he said that this gesture is one opportunity to share the MMC’s blessings to exemplary civil servants like soldiers.

We also thank the AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Emmanuel Bautista who will surely strengthen this partnership as it will help the current Oplan Bayanihan Program and is proof that the people are joining in the unity of effort, not only in keeping the peace but motivating all sectors of society on the importance of the Bayanihan spirit and helping one another.

Thank you Sirs, for taking care of your soldiers and giving them another lease on life. We pray for the continued success of the MMC, and of being proud to belong to a soldier’s family.

Mrs. Rosabella I. Camiling
Camella Homes, Laguna

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Communists want war, not peace
After a very close and detailed dissection of the CPP-NPA-NDF peace talks circa 2013, I believe that there is really no point in continuing peace talks with a group that do not want peace at all. Anyone can see that ever since, the group is only playing with peace talks. We have branded them as insincere, stubborn, hard to get as well as terrorists in the truest sense of the word. The word aptly describes them.

If everybody is already tired of talking of peace with them, our government continues to be full of understanding, giving the other side more leeways, as there have been positive developments before in the pest meetings. Now the group could not get what they want—that of releasing detained top leaders as they are peace consultants they insist, but which the government could never deliver to them. They want to dictate to the government but the government is not buying the idea.

Mrs. Teresita Deles is doing her job, we all agree. It is the National Democratic Front (NDF) who is reversing the story. It is so unfair to her for she has been dictated and committed to the negotiations ever since she joined the government panel. As the late President Cory Aquino said, “let us give peace a chance”. I think this will never apply or ring a bell to the CPP-NPA-NDF.

C. Z Macario
Jamindan, Capiz


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