• Makati poll losers ‘unite vs. Binays’


    The Office of the Vice President (OVP) revealed that a group of “serial losers” in Makati local elections intends to file politically-motivated complaints against Vice President Jejomar Binay and Makati Mayor Jun-Jun Binay as part of an orchestrated demolition campaign linked to the 2016 presidential elections.

    Joey Salgado, the Vice President’s spokesman, said the political enemies of the Vice President “at the national and local levels have come to some sort of an arrangement to mount a full-scale demolition job on the Vice President and his family.”

    “We have received credible information that a group of serial losers in Makati elections have organized themselves into a group upon the prodding of a presumed presidential candidate in 2016,” he said.

    Salgado said this group will be filing charges against the Vice President, the Makati Mayor and several city officials over a Makati project that had previously passed review and audit by the Commission on Audit.

    He added that the same group will file charges against Rep. Abby Binay over the contents of a white paper that has been exposed as a compilation of half-truths and outright falsehoods. The office of Rep. Binay had reportedly traced the authorship of the said white paper to an office in Bonifacio Global City.

    Salgado said the Vice President and the Mayor will answer the complaints once they are filed but he appealed to the Ombudsman to act “with more discretion, fairness, and impartiality than what it showed in handling the case against the Vice President’s wife.”

    The OVP official was referring to the decision of the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) to again file cases against former Makati Mayor Elenita Binay despite the absence of new evidence or witnesses. The said cases were earlier dismissed with finality and lawyers of Mrs. Binay had said they will file a case against the OSP for denying the Vice President’s wife her constitutional rights and violating due process.

    Salgado expressed confidence that the public “will see the complaints for what they truly are – part of a political hatchet job against Vice President Binay bereft of legal or factual basis.”

    Salgado said the plan to file charges against the Vice President and members of his family is part of an orchestrated demolition job that rolled out in May with the revival of charges against the Vice President’s wife. This was quickly followed by the circulation of a white paper among members of the media in what he described as “a clumsy and amateurish attempt to link the Binay family to the Priority Development Assistance Fund controversy.”

    “The fact that the group engaged to serve as demolition mouthpieces is composed of serial losers in Makati elections is immaterial. With the 2016 election several months away, their re-animation has been expected,” he said.

    He added that this group is once again resurrecting old, baseless and discredited allegations against the Vice President.

    “These allegations surface like clockwork every election season in Makati, courtesy of this group. And every election, the members of this group are always rejected by Makati voters,” he said.


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