• Makati resumes giving cake to senior citizens


    After a seven-month delay caused by procurement issues neglected by the previous administration, Makati City resumed the delivery of birthday cakes to it’s BLU Card holders with birthdays in the months of July to December last year. In a report to Mayor Abby Binay, Makati Action Center (MAC) said that as of July 25, some 26,933 senior Makatizens already received their birthday cakes since the delivery resumed last February, covering 32 barangay (villages) and to be completed on the first week of August. Binay also assured the city’s elderly residents that they will continue to enjoy the unparalleled perks granted them since the time as mayor of former vice president Jejomar Binay. Since last year the Binay administration conducted a review of all existing contracts including the supply of birthday cakes for senior citizens which was extended by the previous administration in 2015 but not opened to public bidding. For 2017, P33.7 million has been allocated for the cakes given to over 77,000 BLU Card holders on their birthday and to couples on their golden wedding anniversary.


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