Makati senior citizens to get cash gift in June


Senior citizens in Makati City will get their mid-term cash gift in June.

The city government is set to release P326 million for 77,685 senior citizens with BLU cards.

The Elderly Welfare Section of the Makati Social Welfare Department said each beneficiary will get and additional incentive of P1,000.

The city council approved Ordinance No. 2016-A-043 increasing the cash gift of senior citizens by P1,000 in December last year.

BLU Card holders who are 60 to 69 years old will receive an annual cash gift of P3,000 each, those 70 to 79 years old will get P4,000 and those aged 80 and above will receive P5,000.

The annual cash gift is given in two equal installments in June and December.

The MSWD said the release of the mid-term cash gift will be held in all barangays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Those who cannot personally claim their money can send a duly authorized representative, whose name appears at the back of the BLU Card, to the Cash Division at the 3rd floor of Makati City Hall.

The representative should present a medical certificate as proof of the beneficiaries’ condition, whether bedridden, disabled or confined in a hospital.


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