MakatiMed, UP partner for better patient outcomes


The country’s premier health and educational institutions have signed an agreement to develop academic and educational cooperation including exchange of faculty, researchers, and other research and administrative staff; exchange of students; conduct of collaborative research projects; conduct of lectures and symposia; exchange of academic information and materials; and promotion of other academic cooperation.

The Memorandum on Academic Cooperation was signed by MakatiMed president and chief executive officer Rosalie Montenegro and then University of the Philippines president Alfredo Pascual. Valid for five years until 2022, the agreement is in effect under newly installed UP president Danilo Concepcion.

“We are excited to have this groundbreaking partnership with the country’s preeminent state university. We are hopeful collaborations between the great minds of both institutions will lead to improved patient outcomes and contribute enormous gains to the field of medicine,” Montenegro said.


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