BACKED up with 35 years of racing experience, BBS wheels are built for both track and road driving. The combination of design and style has made these forged wheels a favorite among professionals as well as those who simply want the best for their vehicles. BBS wheels are lightweight and provide users with better acceleration, more control and makes a car more fuel efficient.

    As the original equipment of racing teams competing in the WTCC, WRC, F1 and Indy 500, BBS wheels are engineered and designed to provide users with an added level of traction, which in turn should help one corner better and hug the road on straight-aways. In fact, BBS designs its wheels to enhance every driving characteristic of a car.

    BBS continues to use the latest technological advances to create wheels that are said to be as effective in competition as they are in day to day driving. BBS is committed to performance and safety and is considered by many to be on the cutting edge of the industry.

    BBS is exclusively distributed by Wheel Gallery, considered as Ground Zero for aggressive and high performance wheels in the country. For more information on how to increase the level of performance and aesthetics of your car, visit or call Wheel Gallery at 318 Santolan Road cor. M. Paterno, San Juan or call 724-2739 or 726-0965 or log on to www.conceptonewheels.com.


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