Make-up to swim in–and sweat with


Swimmables are perfect for tropical countries like the Philippines due to humid as well as rainy weather

Hot and humid weather is what tropical countries like the Philippines are known for, and though a come-on for those in the west, it can have disastrous effects for women who wear makeup. Faces can cake, shine, or get patchy under the intense heat of the sun. Similarly too, a sudden downpour in the rainy season can make colors run, as with sweat.

Often times, regular water-resistant makeup hardly makes a difference, which is why a new cosmetics line, originally made for use on movie and television sets in Hollywood, might be worth a try.

Cargo Cosmetics—a beauty brand used in such world-famous shows like “Sex in the City” and “Desperate Housewives”—has just released a line of water-resistant and long wearing makeup called Swimmables. From its name alone, one can surmise that the technology behind this product range goes beyond the regular water-resistant kind because it promises to stay on even after submerging in water.

Swimmables is comprised of the Longwear Eye Shadow Sticks, Longwear Matte Liquid Lipstick, Waterproof Mascara Top Coat, and Dare to Flair Mascara.

The eye shadow sticks are lightweight and crease-proof, besides water-resistant, in a cream formula that glides smoothly for a flawless finish. It has a “lock-in” feature for color on the skin, which works within 20 seconds of blending onto the lid.

The longwear matte liquid lipstick is budgeproof and delivers intense long wear color

“Try applying the eye shadow cream onto the back of your hand and pour water over it,” Mica Padilla, brand manager of Cargo Cosmetics challenged The Manila Times during Swimmables’ grand launch. “Even if you rub it, you’ll see it won’t smudge so it’s perfect for Filipinas who have to deal with sweat dripping from their forehead when outdoors in the middle of the day.”

She continued, “Right now, we’re in between the summer and rainy seasons, which means it really is the peak of humidity, making this makeup perfect for everyday wear. Because of course, when you put on your makeup in the morning, you don’t want to retouch anymore later in the day as much as possible.”

The liquid, on the other hand, also smudge-proof despite its high coverage and long-wearing formula. How so? The liquid dries quickly after which it neither smudges nor fades, even when submerged in water. Cracking and flaking in between the lines of the lips is also not a problem with this lipstick.

“With this, you can drink away or even eat oily food and it really stays intact even after wiping with a napkin,” Padilla highlighted. “It just really comes off when you want it to come off using our removers.”

Of course, to complete the line a hardworking mascara is necessary and Cargo lets women use their choice of lash lengtheners—whatever the brand—so long as it is finished off with the Swimmables top coat that guarantees the makeup to stay on.

The product range goes beyond the regular water-resistant kind because it promises to stay on even after submerging in water

“Use any mascara—let’s say a drug store mascara. Allow it to dry after putting it on then apply our top coat and you’re good to go for the day. Ours coats your lashes with a clear water-proof pigment that allows it to stay on rain, shine or swim.”

Distributed by Store Specialists, Inc. Swimmables by Cargo Cosmetics is now available in major beauty stores, and may just be the kind of “water-resistant” the Philippines’ hot and humid weather calls for to stay beautiful all day.


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