• Make the best happen this 2016


    As with any other New Year, the idea of starting with a clean slate drives people to write down their goals for the year, which generally includes a more flourishing career, a better work-life balance, more travel plans, a healthier lifestyle, and sturdier finances, among others.

    Naturally, people always aspire for a happier and better year with each new beginning. But the question that looms above these aspirations remains the same year in and year out as well: “How exactly do I make my goals happen?”

    The Manila Times shares today the details of a campaign aptly dubbed “Make the Best Happen,” launched by the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) shortly before turnover of 2016. Made available in the form of microsite makethebesthappen.ph, the campaign is comprised of interesting, updated, and curated articles that aim to help people make the best happen in six areas the bank found most relevant to today’s modern-day consumers: travel, health, parenting, shopping, future, and dining.

    Articles like “Finding Your Niche in the Start-up Race,” “YouTube Workouts Inspiring Enough for You to Get on Your Feet,” “Parents to Millennials: Don’t Sweat It in Your Career (at least not too much),” “The New Standard: Digesting the Pinoy Yuccie,” and “Highly Achievable Strategies to Retire Young (and Live Happily Ever After)” are just five of the numerous on-point and bite-sized articles that are beyond what is currently common knowledge.

    Among the tips shared in these stories are: Don’t go for the fad and do the craft that you love for your start-up business; anyone can retire young but they should be mature enough to work on their financial projection and to make flexible investments; and millenials will never know what they’re capable of unless they push yourself.

    Meanwhile, beyond the internet sphere, BPI also offers customers more personal and specific services such as customized financial plans to help them make sound investments this new year.

    The process is this: A BPI investment specialists ask clients what they want to achieve financially, when they want it, how much they can shell out for initial investment, and how much are they willing risk, say if they pursue equities and bonds. Based on a client’s reply, a “risk-profile” of the client will be produced from which the investment specialist will then “craft” and suggest moves to achieve the client’s goal.

    The Manila Times spoke to investment specialist Kite Pamintuan who gave an investment plan for those who want travel within the year.

    “Let’s say you want to travel to Japan, which a very hot destination nowadays, and you need P80,000 for airfare and a week’s worth of accommodation and food,” she began.

    “In cases of short-term goals like this, I would suggest putting 100 percent to a money-market fund, which is a conservative fund. Following that, you would need a P10,000-single investment and a P5,000 per month contribution. So instead of shelling out P80,000 at once, you can prepare for your out of the country trip months or even years—if you’re gunning for grander vacation—ahead, and in more manageable amount,” she explained.

    So whether one is a millennial, a hippie, a yuccie (young urban creative), or a Gen-Xer, making the best out of 2016 is achievable so long as a sound plan is executed.

    Good luck!


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