• Make water fun to drink


    One of the perils of hot weather is dehydration. And if adults find it difficult to remember drinking their required eight glasses a day, what more children who would rather quench their thirst with the sweet taste of soft drinks or juices?

    How then can parents get their children to load up on the all-important H2O? An option is to introduce them to infused water, which can help keep them hydrated.

    Soak sweet fruits in drinking water

    Definitely better than sweetened drinks and more interesting than plain water, infused water regulates body temperature keeping children cool even when they’re playing or running around.

    Infused water carries nutrients to cells while diluting toxins and helps the body flush the wastes. It also boosts the immune system thereby abating sickness.

    Popular choices of fruits include orange, lemon, apple, calamansi, pear, pineapple, melon, strawberry, cucumber and honeydew.

    Contigo Tritan Pitcher offers tips how to encourage kids to hydrate more with infused water.

    Make it colorful. Experiment not only with flavors but with colors as well. With sliced colorful fruits in the water, the drink becomes visually inviting. The ice core keeps the water cool and ready to pour without melting the ice that may affect the flavor.

    Let kids have their own drinking bottle. They can personalize it – put stickers and write their name at the bottom.

    Use sparkling water for fruit-induced drinks instead of just plain purified water. This is a good step in weaning kids away from soda or sugared drinks.

    Make infused water ice cubes. Freeze infused water, along with tiny pieces of fruits, then add the cubes to the water as kids love cold drinks.

    Be an example. Children follow what adults do rather than what they are told. Let them see that you enjoy infused water as much as you want them properly hydrated.


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