Make your year a better one


AS the year ends and we think of the coming year before us, we usually go into a petition mode. Give me this, let it be that. We demand only the good, refuse to deal with the bad. We want a perfect, tranquil, fulfilling future year. It is of course wishful thinking. Life is full of challenges and unexpected ones at that with the element of untimeliness yet for our purposes. By now, we have experienced these circumstances.

But we can help ourselves by being more giving and less demanding. We should stop reminding whoever what they owe us – the government, the neighbor, the employer, the employee, the friend, the relative, people one deals with. Those are all givens and the entities concerned are aware of their obligations even if they don’t deliver. How about thinking of them or seeing things from their viewpoint and understanding why?

In traffic if we were more caring about the other driver we would be more courteous and less impolite in hogging space, discomfiting others with selfish maneuvers and breaking the rules. Keep cool at all times. It avoids road rage, high blood pressure, and the perils that can be life-threatening from that. Best not to be in a rush.

When dealing with subordinates bend over backwards in kindness. Put yourself in their shoes and comprehend their needs. A bit of caring can go a long way for them and for you.

When we go out of town on holiday mode, do think of the people who belong to your destination and approach with utmost politeness and discretion so as not to interrupt their lives and activities unpleasantly. Even if you are shelling out money for whatever they have that you need. Which brings me to plead that in buying goods produced by farmers or fishermen that they put in a lot of hard word to produce, do not haggle them down to the thinnest of profit margins for them and the most savings for you, savings that you can dispense with in cases like these.

When paying for service, be understanding if because of the holiday or the crowds or the circumstances, things are not perfect. Instead of berating, complaining, whining, understand and accept what can be given. If you are understanding and cooperative, things will turn out better.

Considering the challenges in our present infrastructure in terms of inadequacy, we should certainly note them and think of suggestions to improve the current situation rather than go into tantrums, intemperate language and anger mode.

But for the year ahead, let us be ready for testing and problem-solving. Let us use our heads and analyze the challenges that come our way and come up with a rational response.

One of them will certainly be the election campaign that will take place in the midst of El Niño. It will be hot both temperature-wise and political-wise. Be the observant bystander, not the hotheaded partisan. Better for your health and your poise. It will also allow you to think rather than get into an emotional frenzy that will be distracting and unproductive. You have to make a good decision so give yourself the means to do it by trusting logic.

By all means call down the mistakes and willful errors in our candidates, our government institutions and the Comelec. Keeping cool doesn’t mean letting go and becoming apathetic. It means being rational, logical and communicative in that manner.

As typhoons and other disasters come our way, remember the instructions already given, repeated or readily available on how to deal with them. Follow these instructions. Always thinking of yourself and thinking of others. We will always need to help, so we should be programmed to do so.

Have a life of the mind in the sense that your are noticing your surroundings, observing your life minutely, thinking of others who are on the journey with you.

Family is important but God and Country as higher entities should come first. We owe the Creator a life of righteousness according to His Commandments, we owe our Country our loyalty and service. We owe our family our love and support. In this way we strive for a better, more viable, more inclusive society.

In the meantime, pay attention to little things that can make life a lot more pleasant for yourself and others. Pay your debts, pay fair prices, be just to others, be fair in your dealings with individuals and institutions. Lead simple, hardworking lives.

Think and strive for the higher things, the more spiritual, the more fulfilling and ultimately enduring – give God his due, pay your taxes to government and obey society’s rules, be caring and attentive to family, treat children with respect and affection, give a good example, be kind to strangers. You might have a better year after all.

Wishing you the Happy New Year that you can bring on yourself.


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