Makeup lighting tip from Jigs Mayuga


Celebrity makeup artist
Jigs Mayuga

If you really want to look good in your makeup, then you should apply it under the right kind of light.

This is according to top makeup artist Jigs Mayuga whose talented hands have worked on the likes of Bea Alonzo, Bianca Gonzales and Shaina Magdayao to name a few.

A guest speaker at the launch of Philips Lighting’s EyeComfort campaign, he explained, “As a makeup artist, lighting plays an important role in ensuring makeup application is well-illuminated to achieve precise and flattering results.”

As such, choosing the right lights is not only a necessity for the home’s interior but also in the precise and accurate application of cosmetics.

Specifically, he recommended, “The use of multiple—if possible—and soft, diffused LED lights on your vanity mirror is essential to achieve optimal results. Nothing is too bright, glaring or flickering.”

Finally, Mayuga directed, “In positioning your LED lights on your vanity table, you must also remember that overhead, side, or back lighting is a no-no. You’ll see the difference when you do.” IGI


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