Makeup tweaks to transition from day to night


    Welcome to December.

    If November has not yet ushered in the first wave of holiday festivities, this month will surely have those in store for you — from office parties to family dinners to cocktails with the barkada.

    One of the things I found most unnerving when I used to be employed in a corporate set-up was prepping for office parties and events. These usually occur at night, after spending the usual 8-to-5 shift at your desk. You spend the day preoccupied with daily tasks and then when the bell rings, you’re given only about an hour or so to make yourself presentable for the night.

    Switch to a darker, more dramatic lip color.

    I wasn’t exactly makeup-savvy back then. My concept of putting on makeup was to apply lip balm to keep my lips from being dry and chapped. Perhaps a little bit of lip and cheek tint, and that was it.

    Switching from that to an evening look was a struggle.

    I would apply a bit of eyeshadow to my eyes, powder on my face, put on lipstick, curl my lashes and hoped that would be enough to make me look like I put in the effort.

    I know what it feels like for those who are just beginning to figure out makeup. Now, given how much experience I’ve had over the years in figuring out easy and efficient ways to jump from one makeup look to another, I figure it would be helpful to lay these out to help others with that struggle.

    There are several ways one can build up their everyday makeup look. I’ve listed these from the quickest to the more time consuming, easiest to the more challenging.

    Pick your option and have fun!

    Switch to a darker, more dramatic lip color.

    By switching to a different lip color, you can already alter the way you look.

    Add emphasis to your eyes by putting on eyeliner.

    Choosing a darker or more dramatic lipstick shade that you normally would not wear for the day can already result in an evening-ready look. You can opt for reds, berries, deep browns or even bright shades (depending on what you’re wearing of course).

    This is the quickest and easiest way as it involves minimal effort. Some of us even change our lip colors within the day, so it is the no-brainer switcheroo for an evening look.

    Add emphasis to your eyes by putting on eyeliner.

    Emphasizing your eyes by adding eyeliner adds to your usual day look. Try to add a slight flick or wing at the end for more drama. The trick is to change up the way you usually look during the day and come up with a different look for the evening.

    Playing up your eyes is a nice, subtle way of making a change. If you’re not keen on a dramatic or bold lip, this should work better.

    It’s a bit more challenging than putting on lipstick because eyeliner is trickier. Plus, not everybody regularly puts on eyeliner.

    Adding a wing at the end also takes a bit of practice. If switching your lipstick will take you about five minutes to accomplish, give this tip about 15 minutes to perfectly manage.

    Put on eyeliner and change your lipstick.

    Put on eyeliner and change your lipstick.

    If you already normally wear a dramatic lip color or eyeliner for your day look, you can combine putting on eyeliner and going for a bold lip.

    Obviously, my tips gradually adjust as you get more used to playing with your makeup application.

    If changing your lip color has an effect, and putting on eyeliner also manages to change things up — think of combining the two as a double whammy effect on how to make yourself evening-ready.

    Go for a complete makeup overhaul.

    The most time-consuming way I would recommend to get yourself prepped for the evening is to go for a complete makeup look. This look involves lipstick, contour, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrows, blush — everything, including false eyelashes!

    When you already feel up to the challenge, or just find yourself with a little bit more time on your hands to experiment and play things up, you can opt for this option. It isn’t exactly the kind of thing you pull off while on an Uber in transit to your event. Give yourself time because this look takes time.

    Admittedly, it takes me about 20 minutes to put on a pair of false eyelashes on myself. It is not that easy. I tried those magnetic lashes and they actually took longer to apply.

    Go for a complete makeup overhaul.

    Be patient and take your time with this look. Practice and make it perfect, if you will. It will come in handy not only for night-time events but also for other special occasions or whenever you just feel like looking much, much prettier than usual.

    Build up on your everyday look by adding a deeper contour and add a little bit more blush just to make your cheeks pop. You can keep your everyday lip color or switch it to a bolder color. For this look, we decided to keep her usual everyday lip color on.

    Make the eyebrows a bit bolder to help frame the eyes and support the application of eyeshadow. When one applies eyeshadow, the tendency is to make the eyes seem more dramatic. Eyebrows should be able to support this goal.

    If you do not have the know-how for applying eyeshadow, remember, the trick is to apply one shade darker than what you would opt for all over the lid. If you do have a bit of knowledge or experience on this, apply a medium shade all over the lid and emphasize the corners with a darker shade. Don’t forget to add some under your eyes. For this look, we used a combo of two eyeshadow shades — one medium, one darker.

    Add your usual dramatic eyeliner. You can opt to have a flick at the end or not. For this look, we decided not to and just applied it a bit thicker than we normally would but without the wing at the end. Curl those lashes, apply mascara and falsies. Curl those together and voila! Evening ready with lots and lots of effort.

    Any of these options will do to make yourself presentable for any evening occasion. I’m sure you’ll get to used these a lot over the holidays. Heck! Use it when you jump from one gathering to another, even.

    Actually, the more important part is how you rock any of these transition looks out. So, more important than looking evening-ready is to have the mindset to enjoy yourself.

    Look beautiful, feel beautiful and above all — be beautiful by having fun.


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