Making dressing right a natural flair


Over the years, men have become active fashion consumers, and have formed their own opinion, examined available merchandise, and boldly experiments on new styles

Dressing for success comes easy for some, while for others less adept to fashion a utilitarian appeal is all they can pull off. For fashion-challenged men, planning their date outfit or boardroom ensembles is a serious undertaking. Imagine what they would give to find simple inspiration and easy to mix-match pieces that take their appeal a notch higher without breaking the bank or causing massive coronary attack.

The Philippines over the years has seen the entry of foreign apparel labels and the growth of home-grown brands that over the years have changed and diversified not only their manufacturing process but their design philosophy to compete side by side these “imported” brands. The Philippine industry changed and so did the taste and demand of the Filipino consumer. The growth of the Internet and its mass accessibility has also changed local buying habits and attitude towards consumerism.

Let’s take men’s fashion in particular. Years back, the idea of a stand-alone men’s store was remote or even rare, and there were only a handful of brands that cater to men’s fashion. Today, the choice for brands and styles are endless and avenues to shop for men’s clothing have exponentially grown. Men’s fashion business is an industry on its own.

To compete in this multi-brand fashion industry, only brands that have kept their customers’ shifting needs and remained committed to a conscious approach to clothing remained stable and kept loyal customers coming back to their shops. One of these labels which have shaped the fashion consciousness of Filipino men on the corporate and social street is GQ International, a male clothing line dedicated to producing quality products. A decade back, GQ International opened its business and sold their first set of luxuriously designed apparel using quality materials crafted by seasoned and skilled tailors and clothes makers.

Today, the company believes that Filipinos’ views and take on fashion have indeed evolved over the years so that men have become active fashion consumers. They have formed their own opinion, examined available merchandise and boldly experiments on new styles. And it’s all good because fashion shouldn’t just be for women; men too, and should be encouraged, to dress with their natural flair.


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