Malacañang, Binay camp trade barbs on MBC poll


MALACAÑANG on Friday taunted the Office of the Vice President (OVP) over its very poor ranking in a survey conducted by businessmen belonging to the Makati Business Club (MBC), noting that this may be a result of Vice President Jejomar Binay’s attacks against the administration.

In a statement, Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said Binay’s flight from President Aquino’s Cabinet and his subsequent attacks on the administration caused his office to suffer the largest decline in the MBC’s satisfactory rating.

“It may be reasonable to infer that this represents the negative feedback of the business community on the Vice President’s criticisms against the administration in the aftermath of his resignation from the Cabinet,” Coloma added.

Binay’s spokesman, Joey Salgado, meanwhile downplayed the survey, saying the MBC could not feel the services rendered by Office of the Vice President because they were not the target beneficiaries of Binay’s programs.

He added that the OVP is serving the poor, not the rich members of the MBC.

“If they are not feeling the services of the OVP, that’s because they can afford to get healthcare from high-end hospitals in the countries and abroad,” Salgado said in Filipino.

“If they have legal problems, members of the MBC can afford to get the services of top-notch lawyers. Our overseas Filipino workers and their families are not capable of doing this.”

Salgado said the OVP provides services to poor who cannot afford hospitalization and legal services, among others.

Binay was presidential adviser on OFW affairs and headed the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council during his stint in the Aquino Cabinet from 2010 until he resigned in June this year.

The two camps were reacting to the results of the MBC executive outlook survey for the second semester of the year that were released on Thursday.

The survey was conducted among senior business executives from July 6 to August 7 and ranked the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) as the best performer in government with the OVP as the worst.

Coloma thanked the MBC for giving “a renewed vote of confidence to the departments and agencies in the economic and financial management sector” as shown by the MBC’s executive outlook survey.

“The survey results mirror and affirm the vote of confidence extended by the international community to the country as reflected in successive upgrades in investment rating, as well as significant improvement in global competitiveness rankings,” he said.

“We are also pleased to note that the Office of the President improved its standing from number 36 to number 27, with a net satisfaction score of + 29.5,” Coloma added.

The OVP had a net satisfaction rating of -76.3 percent.

Binay’s spokesman said the opinion of the respondents in the MBC poll was not representative of the sentiments of the people.

“With all due respect, 67 wealthy businessmen in Makati cannot represent the sentiment of our people nationwide. They cannot be expected to give a true and objective assessment of the performance of all government agencies, most especially the OVP,” Salgado said.


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  1. I am poor. I did not benefitted from Binay. But me and my family will vote for him because he is a man of the poor and active for the poor.

  2. Is Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr is responsible for all the misinformation and lies that he is on record for dispersing to the media ? or is he exempt due to just being a parrot that repeats whatever he is told to by his boss ?

  3. Perhaps this is MBC way of “getting back” at Mr. Binay who served as city mayor of Makati for several terms before he became vice president.

  4. How can the OVP be rated worst when it is not an implementing agncy? It is not a key part of the government’s frontline service delivery system unlike the departments, commissions and bureaus that have specific mandates, programs, projects and targets. .

    The OVP is principally a ceremonial office and the performance standards to measure its effectiveness are not like those of DA, DPWH or even PAGASA.

    Rolly Metin

  5. Survey should be conducted by the media,tv,newspaper not by the paid sws or pulse asia.You dont have to agree with mbc it is very clear OVP is the worse because crook VP Binay only focus is on how to corrupt that is why he is the king of magnanakaw.

  6. mga mayayaman lang ang laman ng survey na ito at walang nabanggit man lang na results ni Mar Roxas na tyak na mas mababa pa kay Binay.

  7. Tama si Bina dito sa analysis na ito kasi ang Aquino tinuta ang mga MBC at ang mayayaman, na pinakinabangan nila ng LP, kaya yan mataas ang rating nila sa mga nakinabang din sa kanila! Mga hunghang!

    • Truth Seeker, meron 33 bgy ang Makati. 60% income ng MAKATI ay galing sa mayayaman baranggay kagaya ng Legaspi, Salcedo, Urdaneta, Forbes, Dasmarinas at Magallanes. Not one single centavo of the revenues go toward maintaining these villages and business areas. They are reportedly the responsibility of the Ayalas and the residents.

      Ang perang ginagamit ng Makati para sa mahihirap na lugar ay halos galing laht sa mayayaman ng lugar. Ang analysis mo ang may problema.

  8. I think Binay was so confident when he declared he’s ‘shooting’ for the Presidency. Giving the picture that he is the man to beat, his political ‘enemies’ had their own strategy. As it is now, he has a lot to explain with all the accusations lodged against him. It may not be all true, but it is quite believable that he made a lot of money through corruption. He could have not ‘put up’ a ‘political dynasty’ with his children and spouse winning major political positions without so much money to spend for their election. Not a any sane individual would believe that members of his family won in their repective positions because of their qualifications, and not because of money. Fellow citizens, let’s be realistic!

  9. It’s been more than 30 years this wealthy group of businessman has been benifitting from government policies since the fall of Marcos, it is about time for them to share their profits, their wealth to make our society imbued by equal oppurtunities, such as to decent wage, and job security..this civil societies should lead way to give opputunities to people by not being too greedy and comply with a government who will look after the poor and push for a welfare state!!

  10. Mr. Salgado, these people that you are trying hard to discredit are intelligent, multi-national corporate businessmen who studied and holds the highest education available abroad and expert in commerce and trading in PH. Most of them are multi-millionaires and some are billionaires proving that what they are saying are true and reflect of what they perceived from VP Binay performance. How can you justify all your palusot against them if you, yourselves cannot even build a sari sari store to grow in success. You better stand infront of the mirror and look your face and ask who is telling the truth?