• Malacañang calls on public: Conserve energy to counter power shortage


    MANILA: The Philippine government will continue to push for the adoption of an aggressive energy conservation measure as well as cooperate with the private sector to address the possible shortage of energy supply in Luzon this summer.

    The government will implement these measures as it closely works with Congress in threshing out issues regarding the enactment of a Joint Resolution to address the possible power supply shortage, Communication Secretary Herminio Coloma, Jr. said on Monday.

    Coloma noted that while the government calls for public cooperation to conserve energy, it will also continue to support private companies that plan to use their own generators as an alternative power source, under the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Interruptible Load Program (ILP).

    “According to (Energy) Secretary (Carlos Jericho) Petilla, the DOE continues to monitor closely the supply situation, in view of the start of the annual maintenance of the Malampaya power plant,” Coloma told reporters.

    “It is hoped that with the adoption of these contingency measures, and with full public support, the possibility of rotating two-hour brownouts in Luzon, projected as the worst-case scenario, may be minimized,” he added.

    The Palace has been asking Congress to give the President special authority that would allow him to carry out measures aimed at averting the looming power outages that could affect the economy.



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    1. Do you just monitor the situation, Sec. Petilla? Surely with increasing population and projected economic growth, we need more electric power. Let us be proactive, not reactive!

      Don’t you have a plan to increase the power generation capacity and be sure that the transmission grid can carry the added generation capacity to the loads?

      How come annual maintenance cannot be scheduled when the demand is low, not during the peak summer months?

      Just telling people to conserve will not be effective. You have to give them incentive, not threats, and the technology to lower their consumption. Examples are to use more efficient appliances and lighting devices and give the people incentive like rebates to use them.

      There are a lot of ways to solve the problem but just monitoring it will not cut it.

    2. I Remember... on

      This is ridiculous situation… they are paid to plan and execute, to make sure there are no power shortage… and now after they failed they ask us to take the bite!

      This is basic service to the population, why Pnoy and his KKK cannot work it out properly?

    3. Public to Malacanang: Provide more electricity without the public shouldering the increases and the sacrifices while you spend taxpayers money on pork barrel funds.