Malacañang on Tuesday urged people with information regarding the alleged extortion attempt on a Czech company in exchange for a favorable deal with the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) to come out and file charges against those behind the shakedown.

    Palace deputy spokesman Abigail Valte said Malacañag has no idea who are behind the malicious reports implicating presidential sister Ballsy Aquino Cruz and her husband Eldon to the alleged extort try.

    “How long have we been talking about this? Two weeks? And nobody has come forward to say that ‘I have knowledge of this. I am making these allegations’,” Valte told reporters.

    There have been calls to investigate the allegations but the Palace official said nobody who had information about the alleged extort try has surfaced.

    The Manila Times on Tuesday came out with a special report which showed that a number of officials of the MRT, Department of Transportation met with the Czech Ambassador and Inekon officials to discuss the project.

    MRT General Manager Al Vitangcol has denied meeting the ambassador or arranging a meeting where some personalities demanded P30 million from the Czech official.

    Valte said Malacañang is in the dark when it comes to the case.

    “Hindi ko alam kung sino iyong nag-aakusa at this point,” she said. “Maybe you guys can tell me if anybody is really accusing this person of being involved in something,” she told reporters.

    Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda has exonerated Ballsy and her husband in the Inekon issue.

    The Palace official insisted that President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s sisters “have never involved themselves in any government affairs.”

    “It is really malicious of people to impute involvement on the sister when we know for a fact that they carry the legacy of the names of their parents,” Lacierda said. “It’s a very precious legacy that they have been holding. They are the bearers of this legacy and they will not, in any way, shape, or form malign or demean this legacy.”


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    1. What “precious legacy” BS Lacierda’s talking about? Is he trying to fool us at this Internet Age wherein all the informations even videos were shared to all netizen, please stop reek talking.

    2. What about the BSA Security Agency that Pnoy put up during the reign of his mother? Was that a non-profit and patriotic undertaking by BS Aquino at that time or a simple commercial venture that took undue advantage of the powers and authority of his mother under a revolutionary government nobody dared to question? What about that expensive Porsche that this President acquired as among his first act as President which he flaunted amidst widespread poverty in the country? We wonder what “precious legacy” the palace spokesperson is talking about.The only precious legacy we can think of that this family protects is that most visible symbol of oppression, corruption , greed and power in the country- Hacienda Luisita.