• Malacañang pleads for Bangsamoro passage


    DEEPLY worried that Congress may scuttle the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) because of the Mamasapano tragedy that left 44 police commandos dead, Malacañang on Saturday appealed to lawmakers to pass the measure which it said will be the key to peace in Mindanao.

    Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said the death of the Special Action Force (SAF) commandos will be in vain if the Bangsamoro bill is not passed.

    President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Friday night also urged legislators to “fight for peace” by continuing their deliberations on the proposed law that seeks to establish a Bangsamoro region.

    “Our plea to our legislators is that this is our time to find a better way. The peace agreement has been signed. The Bangsamoro Basic Law is in your hands. Deliberate and let’s find a way. Let’s not forestall the passage of an instrument that could contribute to lasting peace in Mindanao,” Lacierda stressed.

    “We need peace. The sacrifice of our SAF troops [of giving up their lives]will be wasted if we won’t have peace in Mindanao. I am certain that the legislators know in their hearts that there’s a need for us to come up with an agreement and a law that will create a viable institution in Mindanao and pave the way for peace and development,” he said in a radio interview.

    “Certainly, the Mamasapano incident has created an effect on the deliberations to the Bangsamoro Basic Law. But, as the President said, we cannot lose focus on our fight for peace. It is important for us that we discuss the Bangsamoro Basic Law because this is our chance for peace,” he added.

    The Senate and the House of Representatives are considering shelving BBL discussions because of the brutal death of the 44 elite police forces.

    “There are people who are out to derail the peace agreement, and so we should make sure that the SAF commandos did not die in vain,” Lacierda said.

    Speaker Feliciano “Sonny” Belmonte Jr. had proposed a joint congressional probe of the Mamasapano incident but Senate President Franklin Drilon has yet to consult senator about the proposal.

    While waiting for the Senate’s decision, Belmonte said the House will push through with its own inquiry into the case.

    “We will go ahead with our hearing on Wednesday next week,” Belmonte told reporters.

    Belmonte was referring to the probe to be conducted by the House committee on public order and safety scheduled hearing on Feb. 11. The panel has invited resigned Philippine National Police chief Alan Purisima to testify and shed light on the operation.

    The panel, headed by Negros Occidental Rep. Jeffrey Ferrer, will ask Purisima to disclose his participation in the operation to get two top terrorists.

    The panel also invited Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, PNP officer-in-charge Leonardo Espina and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Western Mindanao Command (Westmincom) chief Lt. Gen. Rustico Guerrero.



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    1. Carl Cid Inting on

      Bakit nagmamadali? This is too far-reaching a matter, with consequences that can linger on for decades, to rush into. Haste makes waste.

    2. Please! hindi for peace yang bbl na yan, maniwala kayo! kaming taga mindanao knows well, hindi for peace yan! we are peaceful in every way, and we don’t need such fabricated peace. sino ba nag sabi hindi kami peaceful dito? all they want is power and money, and independence from the republic. at ayaw namin na ang batas dito ay mey halong sharia law.

    3. What is in that BBl that this impotent leader P-noy is so excited to have it passed immediately without proper scrutiny and deliberations in Congress? Does this P-noy doesn’t have any scary thought of what is going to happen in the future if a half-baked bill of this pet child of his is passed? Is he that very sure this is the real solution to the ills and problems in the Moro areas?

    4. One country…One law…don’t give self autonomy for the Muslims in Mindanao. There has been no peace for decades & there will be no peace at all. What will happen will be just like Muslim countries like Iraq, Pakistan that they themselves will hate, kill & disagree with one another. These are terrorists, nothing more.

    5. Let’s make one thing very clear. The 44 policemen did not die for peace. They died trying to arrest a criminal. The BBL is in trouble because the criminal gang, MILF, were the killers. The MILF is the beneficiary of BBL. The MILF did not act in peace. They just gave a glimpse of what they will do under the full BBL powers granted to them. Therefore this BBL is dead.

    6. The passage oof the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) is not the only key to have peace in Mindanao or anywhere else where the other revelious group operates.

      Is there an addendum to this agreement that these MILF/BIFF/ASG/NPA groups can work with the government to help us to protect our country from bullies, scaring our fishermen within our territorial jurisdiction?

      Are these renegade groups against the government because they were not getting financial support to live comfortably in their region? Is there a way the government can convince them to lay down their weapons, if they will be given enough livelihood to live comfortably. I am sure they know how to catch fish, and if this is the case,m they should be given fishing boats and catch fish within our territory in West Philippine Sea. The government should coordinate with the business community to purchase their catch, thereby ensuring their income.

      How much money, time and lives are being wasted to achieve peace in our country? Are our military troops happy and contented fighting and killing our fellow Filipinos? Guns and bombardment should cease right now, and should instead replace with festival celebration of good harvest both in our land and coastal seas.

      What is their stand against the Chinese agression our ountry is experiencing right now? Are they willing to help in protecting our sovereignty against foreign invasion, losing our rightful claim to our territory? We definitely need their help as contingency to our Armed Forces to drive away land grabbers.

      We have been courting and inviting foreign investord and tourists to come to our beautiful country. Let us work together, hand in hand in bringing peace and prosperity to our people. Poverty will be a thing of the past once we become united in our ultimate goal.


    7. enactment of BBL will cost us more than if we scrap it and go for all out war. BBL is a Trojan horse waiting to happen. we will regret it if is passed. BBL has to be trashed by all means and at all costs. the moros betrayed us many times already. and this was their last straw and they blew it. Now it should be pay back time. Are we that timid and passive? Just eliminate these animals once and for all and this is the good perfect time and reason as far as world opinion because they massacred our cops. so we are waiting again for their next attack? dumb dumb.

    8. Other countries had tried forging peace agreements with Muslims, from Israel, Bosnia and other countries but can anyone recall a lasting peace on each signed negotiations? How dense are the nations leaders if they can expect peace after deals are signed, does Filipino leaders really expect MILF/BIFF/MNLF to lay down their arms? Muslims has been at war with Christians for centuries. Try asking a Muslim to lay down his dagger and he will sneer at you. The dagger is part of a muslim get up. Wake up people!

    9. The SAF Police diidnt go out there and die for Bangsamoro or BBL,it is the Bangsamoro that massacred and mutilated them(19 casket sealed)they went out there to capture or kill 2 bomb maker Marwan and Usman,they killed on of them the Malaysian bomb maker whose bomb will no longer kill innocent Pilipino civilians and yet this coward P-Noy who didnt even condemn the killing still want to continue with the BBL.Thats why there was no rescue because P-NOY wants to save the BBL rather than save the SAF Police.Abolish autonomous regions,One Country,One Nation and One People and that is only Pilipino.

    10. BS Aquino is not really after the peace.
      He has only about a year to go if not thrown out of the Palace
      by People Power or coup.

      at the expense of 44 Commandos murdered.

      No way!

    11. The BBL is not a document of peace instead a trojan horse if not check out right now. The correct response after the slaughter of our SAF would have been a counter-attack. That is the only justice we could have done. The ones who are in favor of the BBL passage are those who can be benefited with two countries wherein either can be used to their purposes. Investigations are not that important the basic facts are all there all 44 or more of our best police force are gone. What remains is action against the perpetrators.

    12. I and everyone else want peace, make no doubt about that, BUT, not with this BBL with all its unconstitutional generosity at the expense of 90% of filipinos (yes only 10% are Muslim). No way. Find some other way to get your Nobel Peace Prize nomination, Pnoy.

      • Lacierda said the death of SAF 44 will be in vain if BBL is not passed!!! Bobo, kasing bobo ka ni Ngoyngoy, manhid at walang pakialam! It is the reverse Lacierda, if BBL is passed the death of SAF 44 will be in vain.

    13. jose b. taganahan on

      Even before the Mamasapano massacre, the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law should be scrapped as it is based on a flawed agreement with the MILF which in the first place should not have been made by this Pnoy administration as the constitutionally mandated Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanaon (ARMM) is already in existence and functioning and is actually presently headed by Pnoy’s appointed ARMM Governor, Mujiv Hataman.The proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) in its present form as submitted by Pnoy to congress is clearly unconstitional as articulated by many constitutionalists including two (2) retired Supreme Court Justices. Likewise passing the BBL with some amendments to conform with the constitution will surely be rejected by the separatist groups, because their intention in the first place is a separate muslim state or bangsa moro which can only be legally tenable by passing the proposed BBL without amendments.

    14. I think any unbiased rational observer of MILFF/BIFF actions can state that they are not interested in peace. Isnt doubling down down on bad play not a good thing to do?
      MILF/BIFF peace negotiations have not worked, repeating the same mistake (continued BBL process) and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

    15. It does not make sense to pass the BBL in light of Murad/Jaffar and their troops behavior. What Murad/Jaffar-and-group does is they shoot — to kill, with hacking — when gobyerno-Pilipinas police and troops enter what Murad/Jaffar considers their territory. Really???? This type behavior must be rejected by Kogreso-Pilipinas.

    16. vagoneto rieles on

      The Mamasapano shootout clearly illustrates the inadvisability and the folly of the BBL. The BBL and the poorly disguised objective of Bangsamoro to incrementally enlarge their ‘territory’..this time around, as a sub-state..is the real reason for this long running, low grade war of attrition.This is why the MILF, MNLF and BIFF speak of peace but bristle with firepower when the government attempts to approach their ‘regions’ just to implement peace and order measures. Actually our experience since the 1950s, (who could forget the 1977 Patikul massacre), have vividly characterized this problem.The casualties on both sides of the Mamasapano firefight are simply its latest sacrificial testaments. Is this what the government wants for our country? Do our negotiators really represent and speak for us? Our collective voices must be heard. Now.

    17. Kapayapaan ang pinaka-mabuting makukuha ng lahat!!kung ito ay mapag-kakasunduan ng tapat ng lahat na naninirahan dito! Hindi dahil ang isang grupo ang pinakamalaki at malakas,dapat lahat ng tao maliit man o mahina,dapat igalang din ang kanilang karapatan-!!
      Mauulit lang uli ang naunang pagkabigo ng usapan sa pangkat MNLF,at MILF,ngayon MILF at BiFF,pagkatapos nito,ano na naman ang susunod,BiFF at abu sayyaf,
      Walang katapusan ito,habang may ilan ay ang pakinabang lang na pangsarili ang hinahabol!!
      Walang masama kung muling susubukan kahit alam mo sa sarili na ang ibang kausap ay hindi mapagkakatiwalaan!! Sana manaig ang totoong naghahanap ng kapayapaan!!sana!!

    18. It is not for any noble motive that the abnoy is pleading for the passage of the BBL. It is in fear for his life. He has double-crossed the MILF once too often that now, he knows his head might be their next target.

      • Madam Guadalupe, may I know how the retarded in malacanang double-cross the MILF? I really like to know. I know that the mongoloid in malacanang is giving away several millions of peoples money to the MILF since the peace talk started.