• Malacañang prepared for ‘burn the house down’ scenario


    MALACAñANG on Monday said it is ready to defend itself from any “burn the house down scenario” being cooked up by personalities involved in the pork barrel scandal, adding Cabinet officials who are being linked to the scam still deserve to be treated fairly.

    “That goes into the theory that, you know, everybody is trying to burn the house down. The Palace stands [ready to]defend itself. We in the Palace have committed ourselves to daang matuwid [straight path],” said its spokesman Edwin Lacierda.

    He was reacting to reports that a powerful clique within the administration was trying to influence the outcome of the pork scam probe to clear certain Cabinet officials and administration allies who are being implicated in the anomaly.

    Citing sources within the ranks of pork barrel scam witnesses, The Manila Times on Monday reported that the clique appears bent on “using” Janet Lim-Napoles to their political advantage.

    “Malacañang itself announced that it was waiting for the affidavit of Napoles. How come? There is strong suspicion that someone other than the President is manipulating everything,” a highly placed source privy to the case said.

    According to him, the “clique” is being led by a powerful official who dreams of becoming president in 2016. The source said this official’s “tentacles” have reached the Department of Justice (DOJ).

    But Lacierda said the story “is not true,” as he vouched for the integrity of his peers in the Cabinet. He also belied reports that three powerful women who are close to President Benigno Aquino 3rd are acting as “bagmen” for the Palace.

    “It’s defintely incorrect. We have a saying in law, ‘falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.

    False in one, false in all.’ So the fact that you have identified someone who’s no longer in government badly shows the quality of the source,” Lacierda, a lawyer, stressed.

    Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. issued his own statement in defense of their embattled colleagues such as Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad, Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala and Technical Education and Skills Development Authority Director General Joel Villanueva.

    “One of the key tenets in our laws [from the Bill of Rights in the Constitution]is the right to be presumed innocent unless proven guilty, not the opposite situation which is to be presumed guilty unless proven innocent. If we apply the latter concept — presumed guilty unless proven innocent — don’t we risk finding ourselves without a Cabinet if we fire anybody or everybody who is criticized?” Coloma asked, quoting President Aquino.

    The Palace official explained that the “bottom-line consideration” in the decision to retain or keep members of the Cabinet is simply the trust and confidence in them.

    “If there is sufficient evidence, we will bring this to court, and this is what has happened when we submitted the information to the Ombudsman,” Coloma said.

    He noted that it is their obligation to the people to ensure that when the government files a case, the evidence is strong so that the guilty will be punished.

    “If we apply the opposite principle, filing weak cases based on speculation or unsupported by concrete proof, will give the guilty a perpetual ‘get-out-of-jail’ card as they can invoke protection from double jeopardy,” Coloma pointed out.


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    1. rey quijada on

      What if the three government officials turn out to be guilty as exposed? Why did Butch return reportedly the four million pesos plus two million pesos more to Napoles?

    2. If the oppositions are being involve, the “house is clean and in order”, but when the allies are being involved the “house is being burn down” It appears all in the administrations are saints! wow!!!!

    3. It is sorry to say that it seem the right path is now a two way run, with one sided barrier. Of course you’ve to see to it that the scenario should show like we are innocent even though they’re obviously, a saturated intricacy..

    4. mikhail hieronymus on

      It is sad indeed that president aquino and his administration is like a dog cornered and ready to attach. He is acting like a doting mother trying to protect her erring siblings, no matter what.

      Maybe, it time for the people to act or to do what is necessary to alleviate the situation. By itself, I do not believe aquino will lift a finger to ask his erring officials to resign, much to take a leave of absence. He is just digging a deeper grave for his presidency. Sad indeed!!!

    5. Huwag tayo magpauto sa argumento na si Napoles lang ang tanging may kagagawan ng mga anomalyang ito. Dapat nating tatandaan na ang tagahawak ng pondo ng bayan ay ang executive branch ng ating gobyerno at hindi si Napoles. Walang magagawa si Napoles kung hindi hahayaan ng ating gobyerno na magpalabas ng pondo ng ating bayan. Kaya hindi dapat na magmailinis o maghugas kamay ang ating executive branch na wala silang kinalaman sa mga anomalyang ito. Mukha talagang pikit mata nilang inilabas ang pondo ng ating bayan na walang tunay na pagsisiyasat kung saan talaga ito patutungo o tunay ba talaga ang mga beneficiary ng pondo ng ating bayan. Ano ba ang silbe ng ating executive branch kung hindi nila gagampanan ng mabuti ang katungkulang ito?

    6. Mahal na Pangulo, sobra sobra na po ang ebidensyang lumalabas laban kina abad, alcala, ducut et al para alisin nyo sila sa mga pwesto nila. Huwag na po ninyo hintayin ang taong bayan ang mag alis sa kanila at baka po pati kayo ay madamay.
      Sana po ay gawin ninyong seryoso ang slogan ninyong “Daang Matuwid”

      • Let us all stand up and rally that these people should be out of the government on or before three months from now. If pinoy do not do anything about this let us move for his removal. It is time that all pilipinos rally for this. Tama na sobra na. Mga magnanakaw na senatong at tongressman mahiya naman kayo.

    7. Presumption of innocence under the Bill of Rights should only be invoked when a criminal case is filed, not as a defense to avoid investigation or ground to exempt from criminal inquiry of any Presidential ally or cabinet member. Pnoy’s “matuwid na daan”‘ as a strict policy and advocacy, in fact, even require a “clean and honest soul or holistic character” of any governing alter ego of the President and the President himself! Any PERCEIVED diversion from the righteous path of governance or perceived sense of crooked behavior should be subjected to minute scrutiny and even drastic action of denunciation and immediate termination of position! Any protection given to cover up a malfeasance of its ally or cabinet official is a breach of this “straight parth” policy and commitment to an open and honest governance. Pnoy must be strong enough to resist cliques who are destroying his avowed policy of clean government!

    8. Pnoy has to protect his allies no matter how unfair it might become and that is how he wants it to happen. The Filipinos have to really learn from this mistake of electing Pnoy as president just because he is a son of Ninoy and Cory, which is his lone credential.

      • Rafael Santos on

        Being the son of Ninoy and Cory became an effective credential for Noynoy because we wrongly thought that his parents were good and unblemished when in fact they were not.

    9. Daniel Ruiz on

      Now these people are talking about the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, when it concerns the cabinet members. What about the Bill of Rights of the former president? There is really a bias justice in this President B.S. Aquino’s administration.