• Malacañang shuns ‘politics of revenge’


    A Malacañang official on Sunday said this week’s commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution is not at all a form of “revenge” against those who ruled during martial law, particularly the family of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos whose son, Ferdinand Jr, or Bongbong, is running for Vice President in the May 2016 elections.

    “There is no truth to allegations that we are doing this so-called politics of revenge… The important issue here is freedom and justice. EDSA People Power was the response of Filipinos against martial law,” Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said.

    Nevertheless, Coloma added, the lessons of military rule should never be forgotten, urging the people to continue guarding against moves that will lead to curtailment of their freedom.

    “We united in EDSA in 1986 based on the principles of democracy, freedom and justice.
    This is the true spirit of our celebration [this week],” according to the Palace official.

    “We have a saying, ‘Those who don’t learn from the lessons of history are doomed to repeat those mistakes,’” Coloma said.

    This year’s theme for the EDSA anniversary is “Pagbabago: Ipinaglaban Ninyo, Itutuloy Ko,” he added.

    The government aims to educate those born or who were still young in 1986 on how the revolt came about.

    “Through the protest actions of thousands of Filipinos, the dictatorship fell. Following the assassination of Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr., the people’s sentiments against [martial law]and systematic pillaging of public funds heightened,” Coloma explained.

    The celebration will kick off Monday with a wreath-laying ceremony at the Libingan ng mga Bayani to be led by former President Fidel V. Ramos.

    President Benigno Aquino 3rd will lead the actual celebration on February 25, a non-working holiday.

    Coloma said thousands of students will join the traditional “salubungan” in front of the
    People Power Monument on EDSA.

    Children of EDSA heroes will speak during a program to dramatize the new generation’s adherence to the principles of the uprising.

    Also, the public will be invited to the People Power experiential museum on the parade grounds of Camp Aguinaldo showcasing the violence committed during martial law.

    “The People Power experiential museum combines elements of theater, cinema, photography, performances, installations and other allied arts, as it recreates the experience of martial law and the struggle of courageous Filipinos to awaken the sleeping masses,” Coloma said.

    “[Visitors will] enter the various halls of the museum such as the Hall of Deadly Sleep, the Hall of False Dreams, the Hall of Forgotten Martyrs and the Hall of Awakening, as they journey through various phases of the martial law experience and the eventual triumph of the EDSA People Power Revolution,” he added.


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    1. Robert m Longatang on

      If there’s public funds pillaging it only comes in an unlimited sway during B.S.Aquino’s governance that the nation’s National debt come to balloon, within threefold time.What about the massacre in Hacienda Luicita, the massacre in mindiola, why you are not portraying that tragedy as well in educating the youth so that the may learn also that the cruelty during Cory’s government is much more worst than what you are portraying in martial law years.The Nation have experience more a peaceful living during Martial Law years except to the left laning groups where the LP headed by Ninoy were obviously collaborating with them. So tama na sir Coloma, hinog na ang taong bayan as 30 years of yellow standard lying.

    2. What is DSWD people doing? Perhaps they should have to repack NFA rice, combined it with instant noodles and canned sardines and distribute it to the majority of lumpen masses just to mitigate a widespread hunger among us, which basically decimate the poor, courtesy of EDSA Revolution of course. Yes I for one could accept a dole out like that if you just consider to the fact that there is no tangible economic policy since EDSA Revolution that could have somehow humanize the existence of the Filipino poor.

    3. Marcos years are better than this 30 years of yellow armies ….. Don’t fool us anymore yellow colors u are the one making this country in trouble.. Marcos is better than this yellow people …………………..

    4. Pwede ba! Ultimo nga pag tina ng buhok ni Bongbong ginagawang issue ni Pnoy e para masiraan lang. Mga ampalaya! 30 years nawala ba korapsyon o lalong lumala? Mga tao ba guminhawa buhay o mas maraming naghirap? Wala na bang human rights violation ngayon? Mas tahimik ba buhay ngayon o mas marami krimen? Nuong araw mga mahihirap ay mga nasa slum areas tulad ng smokey mountain at payatas, ngayon ba? Nasa sa ilalim ng tulay, break water, gilid ng simabahan o mga parke sa madaling salita mga homeless na sila. Nuon ang pagkain ng mahirap ay galungong kaya nga ginamit ni Cory sa kanyang kampanya e ngayon ba? Swerte na makabili ng Lucky Me! Eto ang Edsa Revolution legacy.

    5. Oh really Herminio Coloma? Do you really think that Filipinos are as stupid as you? It is so clear that you are doing everything in your power to malign the Marcos’ by your constant use of Martial Law in all your propaganda. Ang dami ninyong dapat pag ukulan ng mahalagang panahon pero mas importante sa inyo ang sa tingin ninyo eh masamang nangyari noong Martial Law. Did you need to result to all these if you truly believe in your heart that Martial Law was all that bad? Don’t we have a mind of our own to judge if Martial Law and that the late president was an evil leader? You are all scared that the return of a Marcos is inevitable hence you’ve got to do your evil ways to brainwash the citizenry that Marcos was bad. Who’s the evil one? Truth shall prevail.

      • agree to arlene.regardless how much money they will spent majority of the pilipino dont believe them.(this liberal party headed by aquino are factory of lies)