• Malacañang splits hairs on Aquino blame game


    Malacañang on Tuesday explained why President Benigno Aquino 3rd is blaming local authorities in some areas for not being fully prepared for the devastation caused by Super Typhoon Yolanda.

    During his Guiuan visit, Aquino praised local officials for carrying out proper evacuation, but said it was in contrast to other towns.

    Speaking to reporters, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said that the President only gathers impressions on what he has observed directly on the ground.

    ”Of course, we will grant that it is a fair commentary on the part of the President to make known his observations,” he said.

    ”So let’s just focus on the—on what transpired in a particular place, understanding the particular context in which those remarks have been made,” Coloma added.

    The Palace official also said that the President’s statement is within the “framework of calling attention” to all those concerned, primarily local government executives.

    Coloma emphasized that the local government plays “vital role” in the overall effort because when it is able to function well, it can make it easier for the national government to come in and augment its efforts.

    ”And needless to say, if both national and local governments are in sync, if they are working in harmony, then our people can expect faster and more effective relief from their sufferings due to the calamity,” he added.

    The Palace official also justified Aquino’s statement that in the case of Yolanda all systems in place have apparently failed.

    When a calamity strike, Coloma said that they have adopted necessary preparation and emergency preparation procedure.

    ”There was adequate preparation, there was adequate warning, but evidently, the capacity of the existing system to cope had not been tested to the extreme limits that were experienced during Super Typhoon Yolanda,” he added.


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    1. Insisting on protocol or rules when the situation on the ground is anything but normal is the height of extreme stupidity. Astute leaders should be able to think on their feet, as it were. To adapt, change course, take charge, None of that was seen in this governments response. Daang matuwid, patiwarik more like. What do you expect from a student-president but student-cabinet and officials too. SHAME! RESIGN!

    2. Granting that the LGU preparedness is the rule, reserve the lecture after the relief work had been accomplished and every thing had been normalized. Reminding the LGU that at the time of crises, saps energy, places administrative supervision over the practical relief work which is what is urgently needed at the moment. It betrays the attitude of the responders toward the work at hand. It disperses energy and deflects the focus of attention from the work at hand. In short it does not help.