• Malacañang stands by Soliman in CCT ‘mess’


    MALACAÑANG will not fire Secretary Corazon “Dinky” Soliman of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) over the Commission on Audit (COA) report that at least P1 billion of the Conditional Cash Transfer program for the poor went to ghost beneficiaries.

    Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte defended Soliman, noting that COA failed to include the steps that the DSWD has taken to ensure the integrity of the CCT list.

    “This is not the first time that COA had adverse findings on DSWD, and in our past experiences, the DSWD has always been able to answer the issues raised by the COA report to their [COA] satisfaction,” Valte said in a Radyo ng Bayan interview.

    Under the CCT, the government’s flagship program to reduce poverty, poor families receive a monthly stipend as long as parents keep their children in school, and family members undergo regular medical check-ups and attend family development sessions.

    Each month, a family gets P500 for health and nutrition expenses and P300 for each child in elementary school and P500 for those in high school.

    In its report, COA said P1 billion from the fund went to about 360,000 households that were not listed as CCT beneficiaries.

    Soliman has denied that the CCT funding was wasted, saying that 256,663 of the CCT beneficiaries were not in the Listahanan database because they were part of the modified CCT which includes the homeless and indigenous peoples.

    The remaining 107,373 households were not found by COA because the audit body has limited access to Listahanan.

    Valte lamented that while the DSWD submitted its response to the adverse COA report on November 15, COA ignored it and even excluded the response from its final audit report released on December 15.

    “It is important to include the response of the management and have it considered in coming up with a COA report. The records coming from Regional Offices could take a while, so the National Office had to pull these out to make it to the COA findings,” Valte said.

    As of November this year, at least 100,000 households were struck from the CCT program for not complying with the conditions.


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    1. You can cross your heart and still be lyin’
      You can count the reasons why you’ve thrown it away
      You can dream your life away without me
      But you’ll never know how much I needed you

    2. There are better Filipinos that the Hayatt 10 Pinoy could tap. It is now time for the President to detach himself from these liabilities. They are not actually helping him.

    3. Commission on AUDIT ang nagsabi na problematic ang pamalakad ni Sec. Dinky.

      Saan ba si Pnoy panig, sa interest ng bayan at prinsipyong matuwid o sa appointee niya?

      Sobrang KABUKTUTAN na ito.

    4. There you go, PNoy will protect Dinky Soliman regardless how much or many corruption activities she is into. PNoy is so scared with the Hyatt 10 members after they threatened him to withdraw their support. Just take note of the heavyweights who are members of Hyatt 10 – Abad, Soliman, Purisima, Deles and the other power hungry persons in government.


    5. Jaime Hernandez on

      What’s so special about Dinky ‘Palpak’ Soliman? She made a big booboo on last year’s Yolanda relief distribution. She kept half of the supply until they are rotten. She makes a lot of excuses. What an idiot.

    6. Does anyone still wonder why the Philippines still ranks as one of the most corrupt in Asia four and one half years into BS Aquino’s rule? The main reason is we have an inept and corrupt President who cannot bear to let go of his cabinet members no matter how incompetent or corrupt they are.

      Take for instance this case of DSWD’s missing P1 billion Conditional Cash Transfer Program for the poor allegedly scammed and paid to ghost recipients. This is a most heinous of crimes committed against the least fortunate among our people, yet BS Aquino readily defends DSWD Sec. Soliman. Aquino, time and again, has proven that he does not have the balls to sack erring cabinet members. The least that he could have done is to suspend Soliman while an independent body looks into COA’s report of thievery of this funds.

    7. Roldan Guerrero on

      Of course Pnoy protects Soliman at all costs, otherwise if he does not, Soliman will spill his beans. Soliman, along with Roxas, Purisima, Abad and 6 others are members of the infamous Hyatt 10 who resigned simultaneously in GMA`s Cabinet and threatened the former president ,forcing her to resigned but failed. These Hyatt 10 keeps so many secrets of Pnoy that will ruin him once these 10 squeel that is why Pnoy tolerates their abuses. It had been noted that these 10 are blackmailing Pnoy so the DAP king closed his eyes and ears on them. What a mess! Everybody knows what is happening with this regime yet Filipinos remain unconcious about it.

      • My very serious concern now is this!

        With all of the corruption issues against this administration, why is there no national outrage against this administration?

        We only see the seeming outrage in online blogs and discussion. Filipinos are only interested on issues so long as they read these in newspapers and see these in televisions.

        Beyond that, protests will die down

        Really, what has happened to us FILIPINOS?

        Is the Filipino conscience now very much a creation of the media?