Malacañang: Truth body not needed

ART OF WAR  A cadet of the Philippine national Police academy has his picture taken before a mural of ‘Fallen 44’ which refers to the fatalities in the January 25 mamasapano incident.  PhOTO By MeLyn AcOsTA

A cadet of the Philippine national Police academy has his picture taken before a mural of ‘Fallen 44’ which refers to the fatalities in the January 25 mamasapano incident. PhOTO By MeLyn AcOsTA

Malacañang is not keen on creating a Truth Commission to look into the January 25 Mamasapano incident as the public would probably just question its impartiality and perceive it as a biased investigating body.

Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte in a radio interview on Saturday also said there are already several bodies doing their respective inquiries and everyone should wait for the results of the ongoing probes. She told dzRB Radyo ng Bayan that there are eight institutions that are doing their own investigations on the Mamasapano encounter and their findings could answer questions lingering in the minds of the public.

Valte made the statement in reaction to the insistence of some lawmakers to create a Truth Commission, saying that the PNP-Board of Inquiry (PNP-BOI) report which was made public on Friday is incomplete.

“Siguro po hintayin natin ang paglabas din ‘nung mga findings ng ibang report. Baka naman sa sinasabi ‘nung kongresistang ito ay makita pa doon sa mga ibang report na lalabas,” (Let’s just wait for the report and findings of the other probe bodies. The congressmen who were clamoring for this might find what they’re looking for in the other reports.)

A total of 44 PNP Special Action Force commandos died in the Mamasapano encounter last January 25 after a fierce firefight with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters and other armed groups

Among those doing the probe include the Senate, the International Monitoring Team, the Department of Justice, and the Commission on Human Rights. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front said it is also conducting its own inquiry over the incident.

Valte also argued that if a truth commission is organized, which is usually done by the President, it will not satisfy everyone because a body created by the President could be viewed as impartial.

“Kung matatandaan po natin even in the past commissions that have been constituted, ang Pangulo ang nag-a-appoint,” Valte said.

“At kung sasabihin naman sa ilalim ng batas na Pangulo pa rin ang mag-a-appoint, hindi ba baka sabihin naman nila biased, hindi independent?”

With regards to criminal liability of former PNP chief Alan Purisima, who is being implicated in the incident, especially after the PNP released its report on the clash, Valte said it is up to the DOJ to determine the liability of anyone involved.

The DOJ is already doing its investigation into the criminal liability of the officials, as well as other individuals, and the public should just wait for the result of the probe. Earlier, 92 congressmen signed a letter addressed to Speaker Sonny Belmonte calling for the resumption of the Mamasapano hearings in the House of Representatives . An online petition is also asking the House to resume its hearings.

Valte, in the same radio interview, said President Benigno Aquino 3rd should not be faulted for the lack of coordination between the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines in executing Oplan Exodus.

“The PNP-BOI report said that it is the President’s prerogative who, to talk to among his subordinates. Secondly, the PNP-BOI has been clear that the President gave orders to coordinate but then [Special Action Force] Chief [Getulio] Napeñas violated his orders. The President said ‘but then you coordinate with the one who can make the movement happen,” Valte told Radyo ng Bayan.

Valte further argued that the testimony of General Carlito Galvez of the Coordinating Committee on the Cessation of Hostilities before the Senate stating the the SAF deaths would not have happened if there was coordination will also bear the President out.

The SAF commandos were killed by heavy assault from the rebels and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) after the SAF gunned down top terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan.

“One of the effects of this PNP-BOI report should be to make everyone in the civilian, military and security establishment aware of the consequences of lack of coordination when it comes to sensitive operations like the one that happened in January 25 and the importance of following our superiors,” Valte added.

But for Akbayan party-list group, the President should take action against resigned PNP chief, Director General Alan Purisima as soon as possible.

“The President should remove Purisima completely from the PNP and hold him accountable by charging him before the appropriate bodies such as the Ombudsman for violating the terms of his suspension and gross negligence of duty,” Akbayan said in a statement.

“He should appoint a new PNP chief whose moral standing is suitable to lead the police force through this difficult period and restore the confidence of the public to the institution,” Akbayan added.

But for opposition lawmaker Terry Ridon, the PNP-BOI report just shows that the President is guilty of deriliction of duty amd lying.

The third chapter of the BOI report showed that the President issued contradicting statements as regards Purisima’s involvement since he initally said that he was on top of the hunt for Marwan and company for several months aside from denying Purisima’s involvement in the operation.

Purisima, however, burnt him when he told the Senate that he was accountable for Mamasapano tragedy.

“The BOI itself noted the discrepancies in the President’s public statements. Essentially, even the BOI cannot hide the fact that Aquino is lying,” Ridon said.


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  1. of course no need for a truth commission, it’s just a waste of money and other resources.
    , kitang kita naman kahit di na aralin, even a layman can arrive in a conclusion without difficulty.

    fact #1 SAF were given a go to proceed with the mission (who authorized what)
    fact #2 when SAF was pinned, they asked for re-enforcement
    – re enforcement denied (due to peace process? wtf)
    fact #3 – perpetrators/those who killed were not charged or made answer for the crime.

  2. Conrado Manebo on

    As should be expected, Malacanang would not agree to create a Truth Commission … meron ba namang LIARS na gustong lumabas ang TRUTH ???

  3. Didn’t know that AbNoy and PMA Cadet Cudia are relatives,,, in LYING. But the lying of Abnoy is much serious than Cudia. The Great Thief Executive’s lies caused 44 SAF members to be slaughtered and massacred by peace-loving MILF and BIFF (sic)??? without having the benefit of being rescued by the AFP, the command of which is loyal to AbNoy. Thought they are brothers-in-arms? What Truth Commission? Mag-truthturuan na lang kayo.

    • Idagdag pala natin sina Lacierda, Coloma at Valte sa mga sinungaling na kapamilya ni AbNoy. Pati Si Caduwag (este Catapang pala), Guerrero, Pangilinan, Mendez, atbp. na nagtulong-tulong para mamarder ng tuluyan ng mga MILF at BIFF militants ung 44 SAF troopers natin. Sila ung inuna ung loyalty kay AbNoy kesa iligtas ung mga kabaro nilang security forces. Ito ba ang mga graduates ng PMA na pinagaral ng taumbayan? Na hindi pala sasaklolo sa isang Filipino na nasa balag ng alanganin, whatever. Di lang un, di rin sila maaasahan na ipagtanggol ang bansa natin sa mga kalaban. Kita na natin ang mga tutoong kulay nila. Sunod lang sila sa dikta ng isang tao kahit sikmurain nila at isipin na binabalatan ng buhay ang mga pulis natin sa mga oras na un. bibili pa kuno ng mga helicopters, jetfighters, etc. para sa kalaban eh ayaw nman pala gamitin sa kalaban. KAHIYA KAYO!!! Ipasara na yang PMA na yan, kasi daming graduate dyan na kinulapulan ng putik ang mga tulad nilang graduates din na matitino naman. Sayang lang pera ng taumbayan. Dami nilang PMA graduates na sabit sa mga Kalokohan ah. Need ba na ipublish dito names nila?

  4. It never fails to amaze me the stupid things these people say time after time. We just had the inquiry completed by the police & they couldnt speak to pnoy because they said they didnt get an official request. So pnoy has been implicated by many people in being inviolved or to blame for the deaths of 44 policemen & he thinks in an inquiry they wont want to question him about his side of things. Its beyond belief, so then for malacanang to turn round & say a stupid thing like that tells me these people arnt fit to run a country.
    The 3 people at fault & even to stevie wonder its as clear as day are pnoy, purisima & napenas. I dont know who is to blame the most but all are guilty without anyu shadow of a doubt. I would say to pnoy if purisima had been suspended then why on earth are you still asking him about how its going. He wouldnt know that, if he was suspended would he as no one would be telling him. They would be dealing with aspina. What is complicated about that, nothing at all. I get so anry with them thinking we are all so stupid.

  5. apolonio reyes on

    Pnoy said last Jan. 28th, 3 days after MAMASAPANO MASSACRE ” THE TRUTH WILL SET HIM FREE “. Bakit ngayon takot ang Malascanang sa ” TRUTH COMMISSION” ?
    If there is no Chain Of Command in the PNP, why is it there is a Commander -in-Chief, CPNP, SAF Director General and Philippine National Police Academy patterned after PMA and run by PMALIAR Like their CC ( CC dito CC duon, amaliban sa kanya at mga KKK at BFF ). iF IT IS A CIVILIAN, AS PER OPINION OF D5 AND MALASCANANG, THE AFP SHOULD BE THE ONE SENT BY PNOY TO RUN AFTER THE HV MARWAN AND USMAN, DI BA SIRp?
    Sana ibinalik na lang nila ang mga pulis sa mga mayor gaya nang dati para ang mga ito lang ang MACC NI PNOY, DI BA SEXCY. VALTE ?

  6. Of course the palace does not want truth commission. It already knows everything that it is hiding from the public and wants to keep it hidden.

  7. Vicente Penetrante on

    The Palace and Roxas have already said that the Father of the Nation is not liable in the Mamasapano incident. He is the Commander-in-Chief who is being fooled by his subordinates.

  8. The consequence of Lies is having more Lies that BS Aquino and his string of LP
    Senators and Congressman trying to hang on .
    This will not save them come Judgement day !

    People have died . Those Brave SAF troops sacrificed their lives so we can Examine the Peace Process and our Corrupt Government!
    Their voices must be heard . Their death must not be Silenced!

  9. If coordination between PNP and AFP is concerned, napenas could not coordinate directly to AFP because he was only ground commander, the coordination should be between Puresima and Catapang if Puresima was not suspended, but why Pres. Aquino still assigned Puresima if he was suspended? he should assign Roxas or Espina for PNP to coordinate with the AFP for reinforcement, or the president himself should directly coordinate with AFP for the reinforcement of SAF . Pres. Aquino should forget BBL this time to not to add insult to injury..the incident in mamasapano shows the color of this barbaric MILF who only took advantage of weak presidency, and only after of P75B yearly budget from weak government….

  10. Did the Americans brought down G.Bush after Desert Storm?How many American soldiers died there?What else do Filipinos need to learn beside pulling down each other?
    No unity and forever there will be no unity here!Poor Philippines!
    Say there were mistakes,then those are lessons learned to not happen again.Does anyone like that?Where was Philippines before P’noy?Economically and in the eyes of the world?
    Why do we have poor Military? It is a result of long term cause! The adventurist groups,Who are funding them? Gising mga Pilipino!

  11. Enough is enough. Either the BOI report is incomplete or complete, It is clear enough that the president VIOLATED THE CHAIN OF COMMAND. If PNOY couldn’t understand what is CHAIN OF COMMAND, let a a freshman ROTC CADET explain to him.

    THE President as a COMMANDER – IN – CHIEF and VIOLATED the CHAIN OF COMMAND that caused the death of 44 SAF, he should be meted FIRING SQUAD…!

    • Dapat mabrief din Si DOJ Sec. Leila de Lima tungkol sa chain of command. Ipinipilit nya na dahil civilian character ang PNP, walang chain of command. Masyadong marunong, eh halos ito yung equivalent sa ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE ng isang kumpanya na me Chairman, Vice-Chairman, members, General Manager, Deputies, Secretary, etc., o tulad ng Dept. of Justice na me Secretary, Undersecretary, downwards.

  12. Muriel Magtanggol on

    Because liars have no business in a Truth Commission, they would rather have a Lie Commission! A Mega Lie Commission, headed by the Commander in Chief of Lies, Hubris and Deception, followed by the Secretary of Lies, Hubris and Deception, Etc. Etc, Etc

  13. Hindi malaman kong bakit maraming estupidong Pilipino na sinisisi si Presidente
    sa nangyari sa Mamasapano. An presidente walang alam sa mga tactical operacion
    nang army, pulis, at iba pang ahensia nang gobierno na nag promulgar ng batas.
    Ang presidente ay nag bibigay lang bendision kong sa pari. Ang sisihin ninyo itong
    mga opisyal na nag gawa nang operacion. Atsaka kong sundalo ka, pulis ka, sherriff ka your chances of being killed on duty is twice from the ordinary citizen.
    National Anthem: Ang mamatay nang dahil saiyo.

  14. Roldan Guerrero on

    Exactly there is no need as all people in malacaniang are LIARS! BSA is a HARD CORE LIAR, who continues lying to the Filipinos since 2010 up to the present. Shame on all of you, you have degraded every Filipinos to its lowest level.