Malacañang wants to turn policemen into ‘dogs of war’


The Noynoy Aquino administration has repeatedly tried to use the cases against the Binay family to divert public attention from the failed Mamasapano whitewash-cover-up.

Malacañang’s desperation became more obvious when it drove the Office of the Ombudsman to unseat Makati Mayor Junjun Binay with a suspension in the wake of the Board of Inquiry (BOI) report on Noynoy’s wrongdoing.

Mar Roxas, who was shut out from the plotting and execution of Oplan Exodus, is also taking advantage of his position as Interior and Local Government Secretary against his 2016 rival Vice President Jojo Binay.

Though reduced to Noynoy’s mascot, Roxas of the Liberal Party (LP), remains the presumptive administration standard bearer.

Binay earlier warned Roxas against using the Philippine National Police in forcing Junjun out of the Makati City hall, sarcastically calling it a possible “misencounter.”

After sending PNP’s Special Action Force (SAF) to a death trap under supervision of police official Alan Purisima, Noynoy conveniently described as “misencounter” the SAF’s 12-hour gun battle with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

Ironically, Purisima was under suspension similarly for graft but continued to function as PNP chief.

Hence, 44 of the SAF troopers perished when abandoned without the military giving timely reinforcement on account of the ceasefire with the separatist group.

On Monday, apparently out of spite, Roxas shrewdly sent a SAF contingent along with PNP anti-riot troops to serve the Ombudsman’s suspension order against Junjun, who’s holed up inside Makati City hall.

It was as if Oplan Exodus was going on again, with Roxas taking the place of Purisima.

LP leaders, including Makati Vice Mayor Kid Pena, claimed those women, children and senior citizens barricading the city hall were “hakot” or paid supporters to protect to Junjun.

Bloodthirsty strategists at Malacañang were aware that a confrontation with those defenseless people will cause the public to turn against the PNP.

They are pitting the policemen and the people against each other.

Malacañang now wants to discreditthe PNP BOI’s finding that Noynoy himself screwed up bigtime.

And, Roxas the mascot just keeps making a fool of himself when he should resign and save face.

But, the sinister plot would fail as the PNP officials observed restraint in serving the order because that was what the situation called for.

Hours later, anyway, the Court of Appeals issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) in favor of Junjun’s petition, citing the order’s “possible repercussions on the electorate.”

The court also ordered Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales to explain the suspension order in writing and in a round of oral arguments on March 30 and 31.

Regardless of the merits of the cases against the Binays in connection with the alleged overpricing of the Makati city hall’s parking annex, these will not be enough to overshadow the horror that befell the SAF 44 Hereos.

Following orders, coursed through the “chain of command,” the SAF44 risked and lost their lives to accomplish their mission.

What aggravate the families of SAF44 are Noynoy’s arrogant lies, finger-pointing, fault-finding and misinformation.

Saying there is no such thing as a chain of command in the PNP, the bounty hunters at the Palace have treated those who displayed courage and valor worthy of highest honors as mere ‘dogs of war.’



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  1. 1.You can say many things, Sagutin na lang ni Binay yung case nya.

    2.Wala na bang pwedeng gawin si Tulfo. Sayang yung ad space ng Manila times.

    3.His articles is just a waste of time. Baka pwedeng palitan din sya.

  2. We have no love lost for political dynasties, whether Aquino or Binay or Pimentel oroligarchs like Lopezes and Aranetas(Roxases) but this overkill is leaving a bad taste in the mouth.
    The LIberal Party with Roxas , Drilon and Abad plus their assorted attack dogs and hangers-on can be likened to the KBL !

  3. Puro walang pag-iisip ang nasa Malacanang. PUro kapalpakan, kagagohan at kabalastugan ang mga ginagawa ng mga alipores ng Presidente. Walang patutungan tayo at ang Pilipinas kung puro sira-ulo ang namumuno sa atin.

  4. Pitiful Mar Roxas! Mr. Aquino’s big lapdog has done it again…using the PNP (pay n pay) to attract the public’s attention away from the Mamasapano migraine of our dear leader. Heil, Mar! Heil, Benigno! If you two idiots have swastika pins laying around, put them on — you both have earned them!

  5. this diversionary tactic of the liberal party & the yellow brigade, to take the heat from pnoy, on the mamansapano debacle, is pretty obvious. ‘hope the free thinking Filipinos can see thru this. can’t you see the pattern?…. on this Aquino “misadministration”? — every time pnoy anh his kkk ‘s are involved in controversies — they cook up something… to divert the public attention.