• Malacañang warns rebels in Zamboanga City: Don’t push us


    Malacanang on Thursday warned rebel group the government will not hesitate to use force to resolve Zamboanga City crisis.
    Dozens of Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) fighters loyal to Nur Misuari swooped on Zamboanga City on Monday, triggering clashes with government forces.
    “The forces of the state are ready to exercise the resolve of the government,” Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said, citing the government “exhausting all avenues” to end the conflict and protect he people in the are.
    “While the government is exhausting all avenues for a peaceful resolution to the situation, let it be clear to those defying us that they should not entertain the illusion that the state will hesitate to use its forces to protect our people,” Lacierda said
    “It is time for you to cooperate to resolve this situation peacefully at the soonest possible time,” Lacierda said.



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    1. Do you really have balls lacierda or you are just the same as your boss. Bluffing and lying all the time.