• Malacanang’s failure to resolve media killings encourages killers more – lawmaker


    The present administration’s failure to put a stop to the perpetual killing of Filipino journalists
    has brought confidence to the perpetrators of the crime and unless the government come up with serious efforts to resolve the issues media killings will not stop a lawmaker said Wednesday.

    According to Senator Joseph Victor Ejercito, President Benigno Aquino 3rd should now be alarmed with the continuous rise on the number of journalists being killed under his watch.

    Ejercito cited the most killing of radio broadcaster Michael Milo in Surigao del Sur last Friday, which happened five days before the worldwide celebration today of Human Rights Day.

    The minority senator condemned the death of broadcaster, who is the 24th journalist, killed under the present administration.
    “This (media killings) should seriously stir up Malacañang officials to end impunity and look into the welfare of Filipino journalists,” Ejercito said.

    He also emphasized the urgency to act against media killings “because justice delayed boosts the confidence of hired gunmen to execute a crime.”

    Of the 24 incidents of media murders happened under Aquino’s watch, not a single incident has been resolved since authorities have not arrested a single gunman.

    As if the failure of the government to address the increasing number of murders involving media is not enough, Malacanang even tried to downplay the incidents by saying that the media killings in the country is “not so serious” if you exclude the figures from the Maguindanao massacre in 2009 in which 58 journalists were brutally killed.

    It was presidential spokesperson Herminio Coloma who reportedly said that the country would not be considered as most dangerous place for journalists if the Maguindanao incident will not be included in the equation.

    “As guardian of public interest, Filipino journalists should be accorded greater security to motivate and encourage them to perform their duties and responsibilities as informers of the people,” Ejercito said. JEFFERSON ANTIPORDA


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    1. Fernando Habito on

      The slow and dysfunctional justice system of PHL in handling the “Ampatuan Massacre” spur the killings of more media men.The politics of greed in the judiciary system still cling in many courts of justice ofthe country.No single person can do it..The roots are in the bad culture of the Filipino people that needs to be eradicated…the “lakas,lagay,lusot” society in the “Land of Thieves and Liars”

    2. The continuous killings of journalists, the latest killing being the 24th under PNoy’s watch, should alarm every citizen of this country. The failure of our police and the justice department to bring to justice the perpetrators of these heinous crimes shows either incompetence or lack of concern on the part of the Aquino administration to protect freedom of speech and the lives of journalists in the Philippines.

      Why does the Maguindanao Massacre, where the powerful Ampatuan clan is involved, remain unresolved after 4 years? The witnesses are getting killed due to lack of protection from the government. President Aquino and Justice Secretary de Lima should get the stalled wheels of justice turning again on this case and get it resolved soon before all the witnesses are eliminated.