Malaysia show apologizes for ‘black-face’ Usher parody


KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian television show has apologized following an outcry on social media over a comedy skit featuring an actor in “black-face” makeup pretending to be US R&B star Usher. The skit was a parody of a recent performance by popular Malaysian singer Yuna and Usher in the US in June, where they had hugged, sparking criticism in conservative Muslim-majority Malaysia. Malaysia bars hugging, kissing and foul language by performers on stage. It also prohibits women from baring skin between their shoulders and knees. In the spoof, a woman acting as Yuna bows in front of the comedian in “black-face” makeup posing as Usher, instead of hugging him. The video, which was shared widely on social media, was broadcast on local Malay entertainment program “MeleTOP” on Tuesday.



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