• Malaysia vows to keep searching for MH370


    KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s govern–ment pledged on Monday that it “will not rest” until missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is found, as it marked the 100th day since the plane vanished on March 8 with 239 passengers and crew.

    “One hundred days after MH370 went missing, its loss remains a painful void in the hearts of all Malaysians and those around the world. We cannot and will not rest until MH370 is found,” Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said.

    In a statement, Hisham–muddin also promised that Malaysia “cannot and will not abandon” the families of the missing passengers, some of whom have sharply criticized the Malaysian government’s hand–ling of the mystery.

    The Boeing 777 inexplicably disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. No trace of it has been found despite an extensive Australian-led search effort deep in the Indian Ocean, where it is believed to have gone down.

    Hishammuddin also offered Malaysia’s thanks to Australia, China, the United States and fellow Southeast Asian countries for their assistance in the search.

    Malaysian Airlines Chief Executive Officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya issued a separate statement pledging similar resolve in finding the plane, calling the period since March 8 “the longest and most painful 100 days in Malaysia Airlines’ history.”

    Anguished relatives of MH370 passengers have accused Malaysia’s government of a bumbling and chaotic response to the crisis, and covering up what happened to the plane.

    Malaysia denies it is with–holding information but has remained tight-lipped over investigations that it has launched into the mystery and gave no timetable for when the findings of those probes will be released.



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