Malaysian monk Dhammavuddho due in PH


Venerable Dhammavuddho, a monk from a forest monastery in Malaysia, will be conducting a teaching tour in various centers around Metro Manila on April 13 to 19. All his talks are open to the general public and are free of charge.

For those who are interested in learning meditation, searching for meaning in life, or are curious about spiritual truth, Venerable Dhammavuddho will share his experiences and insights gleaned from decades of studying world religions and living a life of a renunciant after retiring from laylife as an electrical engineer.

Venerable Dhammavuddho is the founder of Vihara Buddha Gotama, a 15-acre forest community for spiritual aspirants in a remote Malaysian town of Temoh, Perak state. He was ordained as a Theravada Buddhist monk in the Thai forest tradition in 1986 after spending a few years as an ordained Mahayana monk. While he was well-educated and came from a well-to-do family, Venerable Dhammavuddho found fulfillment being a homeless and propertyless monk. He is eager to share the secrets of true happiness and fulfillment to any sincere seeker, regardless of his or her spiritual beliefs. His coming to the Philippines is a rare chance to hear lessons in mental well-being and wholesome living from a senior practitioner representing the earliest branch of the Buddhist tradition.

The Philippine Theravada Buddhist Fellowship is organizing this project and will be hosting Venerable Dhammavuddho and his two layman assistants, brother Koh Kim Seng and brother Lau Chea Yong at the SacroCostato Retreat House, 13 Sct. Magbanua St., Quezon City.

Venerable Dhammavuddho CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

The schedules of talks are as follow:

“Meditation practices in the Buddhist tradition” on April 13, 7 to 8 p.m., hosted by Zen Sanbo Kyodan at the Sankalpa Yoga Studio, Unit 102 Loyola Heights Condominium, Esteban Abadacor F. dela Rosa St., Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

“Relevance of Sutta Study” on April 14, 9 to 11 a.m., hosted by Universal Wisdom Foundation at Wisdom Park, 14 Broadway Avenue, corner 3rd Street, Brgy. Mariana, New Manila, Quezon City.

“Mechanics of Rebirth” on April 14, 5 to 7 p.m., hosted by Theosophical Society at 1 Iba St., corner Florentino St., Quezon City.

“Original Buddhism vs Traditional Buddhism” on April 15, 9 to 11 a.m., hosted by Philippine Theravada Buddhist Fellowship at the SacroCostato Retreat House, 13 Sct. Magbanua cor. Sct. Lozano, Quezon City.

“The Deva & Brahma Realms” on April 15, 5 to 6:30 p.m., hosted by Ramakrishna Vedanta Society at 25 St. Peter St., Horseshoe Drive, Quezon City.


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