• Malaysian multi-slashie now a legit recording artist in PH



    In Malaysia, Fazura is one of the country’s biggest stars. She is an actress, TV host, endorser, singer, entrepreneur and a VJ—collectively referred to nowadays as a multi-slashie.

    Her name has some degree of familiarity in the Philippines as she topbills her own reality show on E! channel, dubbed Facing Up To Fazura, which airs all over Asia.

    Fazura began her career in the Malaysian entertainment industry as host of a TV show called Teens World. In 2004, she launched her film career playing a lead role, which also led to an award nomination. Fazura is likewise considered as one of the most stylish actresses and celebrities in Malaysia.

    As of last count, she has done more than 15 feature films and TV series, while hosting a number of TV programs.

    As she signs a management deal here in the Philippines under MCA Music, Fazura hopes to spread her wings in the country through singing, acting, endorsements and hosting projects. For a start, she was part of the collaboration between a fellow Malaysian, band Estranged and Asia’s Acoustic Sweetheart from the Philippines Sabrina for the single “Torn,” which was originally the popular Malay track “Hancur Aku.”

    Fazura’s last visit to Manila saw her record a song and shoot a music video with R&B singer Jason Dy. Titled “Nothing Like Pag-ibig,” the single is written by local hitmaker Jungee Marcelo and scheduled for released in January 2017.

    In an interview with Music Geek, the Malaysian artist said she considers her recording and video shoot with The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 winner enjoyable.



    “Jason is such an amazing guy. If I was gonna have a boyfriend, he will be someone that can be a perfect candidate. He is so smart, calm and respects women,” Fazura said.

    With her recording a single already, will an album be far behind for the Philippine market?

    “Having an album is definitely one of my dreams. I have been really inspired by a few of my friends. They do everything. They are not just acting. They are hosting and they are also singing. That’s exactly what I want to do. The song with Jason, I hope, would be a stepping stone to possibly having an album. And maybe for Jason to possibly come to Malaysia to do something with me,” Fazura said.

    She also wants to collaborate with other Filipino artists in the future.

    “I want to work with Anne Curtis and Jericho Rosales. They are so talented. I’m also researching and getting to know more of the artists here,” Fazura said.

    She is not a stranger to the Philippines as she travels to the country every two months and has developed friendships here.

    “In one season of Facing Up To Fazura, we did a tour of the Philippines. I love the food. Gising-gising is my favorite. I hope I get to learn how to speak Tagalog. This is my second home. Every time I need a dose of positivity, the first place I go is the Philippines,” Fazura said.

    Being one of the most controversial stars in Malaysia, she is certainly ready to face the intrigues that might come her way in the Philippine showbiz setting.

    “Absolutely! It is something that is common for an artist. I don’t really consider myself a celebrity because I think there is a difference between a celebrity and an artist. Celebrities are pretty much famous in social media and they love the fame. I am a bad celebrity. I consider myself an artist because I do films, sing and then I go home and just do my own thing. I don’t like doing magazine covers if I don’t have anything to promote. Artists too are very prone to controversies. I’ve been through a lot and so many things have been written about me. I’ve gone through the worst. There is nothing I couldn’t go through. It is very normal to me. Well, good or bad publicity are both good,” Fazura said.

    She had a taste of controversy when she was linked with popular actor Piolo Pascual when they presented an award at the ASEAN Film Festival in 2015.

    “It quickly became huge gossip and so many speculations came up. But I would like to clear that we are not an item. We are friends. He’s an amazing guy and actor,” Fazura said.

    Fazura is optimistic she can pave the way for other Malaysians to break through the Philippine market, just as her good friend and fellow Malaysian, Carmen Soo had done before.

    “I think so many artists in Malaysia are dreaming to go outside of the country. I have just been blessed because I have a reality show that is showing here in the Philippines. People recognize me here. From immigration they ask, ‘You’re Fazura right? I watch your show,’ to shopping malls where some ladies let me go first because they are fans of my show. Everybody is so nice here. I hope that I’ll get a chance to sing more, act or host here in the Philippines,” Fazura said.


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