Malaysians now poised to fully develop Central Mindanao


Final of three parts

In brief the Malaysians are now poised to fully develop Central Mindanao, which has suffered greatly from the benign neglect of its leaders and this government! What follows next, is the eternal gratitude of the Muslims in Mindanao’s to their newly encountered benefactors and the strengthening of socio-cultural and economic ties between Muslim brothers. What’s next? For Bangsamoro to join the Malay federation like their Tausug brothers in Sabah did? When this happens we only have ourselves to blame!

So okay, all these trade developments are good for the economy and will spill over to Mindanao improving the lot of the Maguindanaons. So why not extend the same benefits to the Tausugs also whom the Malaysians owe a considerable amount of money for the Sabah annexation? Perhaps this can be accomplished within the context of the Asean Economic Community specifically the development of the BIMP-EAGA?

One thing sure is that no less than a comprehensive solution to the Moro issue can promote peace and prosperity in Mindanao. Our country does not need a foreign country to solve its domestic problem rooted in the benign neglect of the Muslim areas. Federalism that is genuine—one with fiscal autonomy, authentic decentralization and devolution and the accelerated development of the island of Mindanao, can go a long way in promoting lasting peace in the region. Moreover any peace process must be inclusive. It must include all the tribes of Muslim Filipinos—whether Tausug, Maranaw, Maguindanaons, Manobos, and other indigenous elements such as the Lumads who as we write are now quite concerned about the future of their vast ancestral domain, some of which has been transformed into MILF camps, under a Bangsamoro governance.

Conversely an exclusive settlement as we have today under the framework agreement which will only solve the interest of certain parties here and abroad might just exacerbate the problem in Mindanao. Indeed formal agreement must now give way to a more comprehensive and substantial one. We leave these to the members of Congress to resolve.

In the days of Martial Law the Jaja group used to chant “justice for one, justice for all.” Today we continue the mantra – partial justice for a few is injustice for many!

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The illegal British annexation of Sabah makes inclusion of Sabah in Malaysia illegal

Note by the Publisher/Editor:
The work of the Cobbold Commission to form a Malaysian federation of British Crown colonies was based on a lie—North Borneo was never a crown colony like Singapore and the states of the Malay Peninsula. And the Tausugs in Sabah, a lot of Dayaks and the mainly Christian Kadazans, never formally agreed to become members of the Malaysian federation.

The formation of Malaysia with Sabah in it is illegal because the British annexation of Sabah in 1946 was an illegal imperialist act, contrary to the principles of the United Nations.

The world must not be allowed to forget these facts: The contract between the Sultan of Sulu-North Borneo (Sabah) and Dent-Baron Overbeck/North Borneo Company was a lease. Documents affirm this. For centuries this was also affirmed in words and deeds by the British government. British officials always acknowledged that sovereignty over Sabah is that of the Sultan of Sulu and that North Borneo was never a Crown Colony or anything like Singapore and the Malay Peninsula and that the British North Borneo Company was merely an administrator never a legate of the British Government or of the British Monarch.

There are letters from the US State Department and other officials to the British Government reiterating these facts. Former American Governor General of the Philippines Islands Francis Burton Harrison was irate over the British annexation of North Borneo in 1946.

The annexation of the Sultan of Sulu’s and the Philippines’ North Borneo territory was done with the force of arms. Those of British Australia and British New Zealand supported Britain’s military units. The Philippines was a severely damaged nation. Manila was the world’s most damaged city after Warsaw, Poland. We could not have repulsed the British’s perfidious post-WWII act of imperialist aggression.


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  1. Siony Camacho Bana on

    Good info and hopefully this will alert all sitting lawmakers to understand that they must represent the interest and sentiments of all Filipinos (no exceptions) if they are sincerely working for a lasting peace not only in Mindanao but all over .