‘Malaysia’s role should be explained’


THE column “Malaysia’s role should be explained” by Yen Makabenta elicited both angry less-than-knowledgeable responses as well as educated opinions. We want to share some of these with you readers.

Reader hector wrote:
“I predict that the Bangsamoro territory will become an expanded MILF terror-camp and a training hub for Asia. The rule of law will become one of fear. Human rights violations will escalate. The chief minister will be omnipotent – thanks to a carefully crafted BBL. Corruption and a money frenzy will mean little improvement for the lives of the majority. Impunity and inequality will give rise to oppression and abuses. The minority will control [the general population]with guns and goons, under a legalized dictatorship. Filipino Christians, etc. will be pushed away or driven out.

“The Philippine government will stay well clear of the fallout and turn a blind eye.

“The BBL itself will be a meaningless and toothless document once the ‘Rubicon has been crossed.’

“CDO [Cagayan de Oro] will be renamed ‘Terrortown.’

“It is all a bit like putting a fox in charge of the chicken coop.

“Legitimizing an Islamic state and enabling it to arm itself will only lead to more violence. It is in the MILF people’s DNA, as stupidity is in PNoy Aquino’s. He is also being played like a fool by the Chinese. The village idiot from Tarlac simply doesn’t understand a world beyond game consoles and the shooting range.”

Another reader writes:
“Never for a single moment did we talk about [the Sabah claim]. With Malaysia as facilitator, it is only practical for us not to bring that up or include Sabah in our proposed homeland. We are silent on the issue. We never said it belongs to the Bangsamoro people, just as we never said it does not belong to us. It is a nonissue for us at this point,” Mohagher Iqbal [said].

“Before he sold out, Manolo Quezon [who now works in Malacañang]said that MILF see their territory extending to all Mindanao, Palawan, and the Spratly Islands and that secession is the obvious and inevitable conclusion, with Malaysia and MILF being natural partners. Now that he is paid by Aquino he keeps quiet.

“Malaysia will have achieved its goal of a geo-political arc of influence stretching from Thailand to Davao, and captured Sabah into the bargain.

“The legal scorpions in the BBL trojan horse include the 10% provision which can readily be utilized to rapidly expand the territory with a ready made commercial center, banking hub, port, airport in CDO– no doubt their new state capital.

“The BBL will be the thin end of an ever expanding geographic wedge in the Philippines.

“The losers are the Americans who are happy with the current status, and post-BBL will be kicked out of the area by MILF/Malaysia, unless something unfortunate happens to derail the process!

“Malaysia has played a long game, and is now on the final stretch. The next 2 months will be make or break. The heavy guns will be brought into play for the final push.”

Still another reader, Eddie de Leon, wrote: “Despite this legacy of death and failure, Sir Yen Makabenta, BS Aquino’s and his KKK and Liberal Party cohorts will still be in power after the 2016 elections. This is because they have a weapon: the Comelec-approved (and Aquino encouraged and protected) Smartmatic Automated Election System (Smartmatic AES) which uses the PCOS machines with all the safeguards required by the Automated Election Law against fraud and manipulation DISABLED. This was what happened in the 2010 and 2013 elections, which were absolutely UNTRANSPARENT. This will again happen in 2016–if People Power does not force the junking of the Smartmatic AES and its horrible PCOS machines.”

Scores of thousands of Filipinos feel like these Times readers. But the authorities act as if they do not exist.

What kind of nation, country, Republic have we become under the Aquino regime?


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  1. A friend of mine told me that the PHILIPPINES IS INHABITED BY 100 millions stupid and coward, doing nothing to stop their stupid PRESIDENT…..WHAT CAN I SAY.?

  2. jason bourne on

    Nobody has ever talked about the hidden hand of the US State Department & CIA. The Americans have been meddling with us ever since the Spanish-American War.

    Southern Thailand, Aceh Indonesia, Mindanao Philippines, Timor Leste, Libya, Iraq, Ukraine are the cutting edge mini-wars that America has used its might to pursue its Geo-Political ends. They need these places to base their troops, extract the oil & gas, launching pad for whatever designs they have for that particular region.

    In our case, they can easily deal with a corrupt MILF dictatorship and can have a naval & air base without the complications of a Congress. Plus there is the added bonus of gas and potential oil in these places. All these terrorist BS is just a cover. If they really wanted to smash these groups they could have easily done it with ease.

    Malaysia has been their willing pawn together with the MI6 of Britain & US CIA they staterted the fire in the 3 southern provinces of Thailand bordering Malaysia. They also supplied arms to Aceh rebels in Indonesia and our Muslim rebels in Mindanao.

    It supports the Malaysia idea of Buffer States as well as USA need for Mini-States they can control easily.

    Just like Singapore, which everyone think is a Miracle but it would not have been wthout the support of the Americans. Just like what US did to South Korea & Taiwan, they bought all their manufactured products to support their economy. Thats why today these countries are well developed. They never did that to the Philippines. They are just starting to do that now because the Chinese are at our doorstep. If the Chines succed, there is no one to stop their navies from cruising along the West Coast of the Norh America.

  3. P.Akialamiro on

    The government under Pres. B. S. Aquino has become subservient to the MILF, hoping that he will be afforded the Nobel Peace Prize, in millions of dollars, at the expense of the 44 massacred (& wounded) SAF members. What a dream!

  4. Ferrer is in US today getting an award from Hillary Clinton. (A body bag would be appropriate.)
    Talk about adding insult to injury.
    No talk about SAF 44 getting justice.

    “Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is set to award on Wednesday Miriam Coronel Ferrer, chief government negotiator for the peace process with the
    Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), with her eponymous Hillary Rodham Clinton Award for Advancing Women in Peace and Security.
    “We would like to honor you for your indefatigable work to bring about peace in the Philippines”

    Very ironic!

    Give these people awards and a stay in a 5 star hotel and easy to massage their academic or political egos. So malleable.

  5. why not 10 % of the population needed to get out of the BBL region to equalize the provision in the BBL of !0% of population who wish to join the Bangsamoro.

  6. Thanks for using my comment.

    The whole debacle is epitimised by the response of Teresita Deles in Congress last week.

    Not only did she say that she did not know that Mohagher Iqbal was an alias, but admitted that she had never even read his file! Incompetence doesn’t begin to descibe such oversights.

    Who negotiates without fully understanding the psyche, strengths, and weaknesses, of the ‘opposition’, be it in business, legal proceedings, or politics. Only in Pnoy Aquino’s ‘student council’.

    The MILF legal eagles and advisors would have known exactly how to play Deles and Ferrer like puppets, and they have.

    No wonder Iqbal, after initially snubbing congress, then eventually swaggered into a hearing and told the quivering congressmen – ‘pass BBL as is, or expect bloodshed’.
    And Iqbal’s PR mouthpiece, Pnoy Aquino, then suitably echoed Iqbal’s marching orders.

    Now it is de Lima who, as usual, likes to talk tough but never does anything. She cannot even stop the prisons being more like playboy mansions, and the centre of drug operations, or find criminals hiding in plain site. She has become the criminals best friend, in the same way that Deles and Ferrer have become MILF’s BFF’s.

    MILF have Aquino et al precisely where they want them – under their jackboot, or hiding under beds.

    And China must laugh at such amateur antics, as they also run rings around DFA, knowing that they only have to say boo, and Pnoy Aquino will run crying to his Uncle Sam. Man up.

  7. If the BBL is passed: 1. Bribe money clogged the brains of our legislators. 2. Celebrations and fiesta-like activities will reign in in Malacanang forgetting most of the countries problems like poverties, power shortage, abnormal hike in prices of commodities, electricity and water rates, LRT/MRT/LTO short comings, China’s aggression at Philippines west seas, smuggling, drug trafficking, Abu Sayyaf and BIFF kidnappings, etc. 3. MILF will become richer in billions of money and powerful and expect them to lord over the other minor stakeholders in their Bangsamoro Entity areas like the Lumads, Christians, the Tausogs, Sultans of Sulu and other tribes. 3. Malaysia will exploit the riches of the Liguasan marsh with its MILFs as its guards as what they are doing now with the oil rich Sabah. 4. Aquino will be enjoying his rewards after his successful peace pact and the secret favors he get from his Malaysian friend Najib. 5. Deles and Ferrer will also get their rewards secretly from Aquino and Najib of Malaysia and may enjoy their vacations in other countries. 6. Other countries will say are you all Filipinos idiots, afraid of your shameless President and content only on working abroad to feed your families?

  8. BBL will create a new state within
    the Philippones and call it Mindalaysia, the training ground for
    local and foreign terrorists.